Fighting with Balls



Hey i been playing ssf4 for about 2 months now and T. Hawk is my main.

I was just curious how you fight ball shaped characters such as blanka and E. Honda.

I have no cluse what to do when they just spam there charge attacks.


Honda: If you fight someone spamming headbutt, especially firece headbutt, jump back and spd.
Blanka: GFL. Bait electricity if you can, SPD, ducking medium kick works well. CR Fierce works pretty good too. It Hawk’s toughest fight.


This shouldn’t be an issue in Arcade Edition.

For now…hmm you can spam cr. lp to stuff balls/headbutts, plus everything Dan said.

Not fun!


With characters like Blanka and Honda its really a matter of being paitent and waiting for the small mistakes and punishing them. Its not a matter of damage but being able to react and respond. You have 99 seconds. . . take your time.

#5 also beats ball/headbutt but it’s tougher to time.

N.j.Fierce also beat both, and it beats out vertical ball a lot too.


And also when blanka holds out his electricity what are my options? whenever i try to punish i just get hit…


SPD, U1, D MK, D Jab.



Sweep it.

You can’t crouch tech it. You can EX SPD it too. You can’t to U1C, Cr.Strong or Jab. Its really kind of pathetic actually.


you actually can use cr. jab and cr. strong against electricity. you just have to space the moves correctly. too close and you get zapped. that’s actually the magic of cr.strong, it beats everything as long as they are far enough away (past where his hands actually extend to). i’ve also grabbed blanka with a lp spd out of (non ex) electricity a number of times (you even see the sparks while hawk grabs his face). I’ve never used on him but as long as you hit him with the end of hawk’s foot it should be fine–but sweep is a better option than also, isn’t all this info in the matchup thread?


Blanka PWNS Grab Characters… but T-Hawk has DP! you can DP Blanka’s J.MK Mix up, rainbow ball, a whiffed vert ball (Or you can just wait and 360/720), you can 360/720 surprise/jump or anything blanka whiffs that’s remotely close…

Punish blocked Slide with 360/720…

But if they are spamming Ball, you can Spam dp/dive until they change up their game plan…

it’s not as bad as blanka vs gief cuz you have alot more arsenal against the green beast…

Blanka PWNs T-Hawk on a regular occasion tho… haha.

You can beat electricity with Sweep with any character lol thats Street fighter basics…


You can U1 it; I’ve done it. It works just fine. Jab works, D MK works. All depends on your spacing.


Thanks for the help guys


Seriously just stop playing T.Hawk that is also a viable option.
There are matchups where I refuse to pick him if I know its coming

I recommended learning a character just for those Matchups. Hakan is actually good vs. Blanka as weird as that sounds.


I have to agree with this if you’re looking to seriously win. Especially against Blanka. Still main Hawk, but I have Gief and Hakan on the side for matchups where Hawk just doesn’t have the options.