Fighting without thinking

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I was reading a thread on talking about slowing time or more aptly getting into the zone. One thing that came up in the thread was the idea of acting without thinking about what you are doing. I was wondering if anyone here at SRK has come to a point where the moves just happen without having to analyze what is happening? I don’t mean knowing the moves either, that is like typing in that people can quickly learn where all of the keys are so that they need not look at the keyboard. What I mean is coming up with the correct move at the correct time. I find that when I just let things flow out I do better but I have a tendency to overthink things and start screwing up badly usually resulting in a loss. How does one go about internalizing the correct move at the correct time? Is it just a matter of replaying the match in your head and thinking of the best move to stuff the one that kicked your ass earlier?

I’ve had that happen. I just get really concentrated and I start playing by instinct. It doesn’t happen super often but when it does, I beast whoever I’m playing against.

Look at the thread I opened over a year ago.
Sadly I didn’t make any progress so far on understanding it…

Well, had happen to me while playing SFIV Ryu yesterday.
Felt completely relaxed and cozy and played off my instincts. Twas nice.

I think what’s required is that you play the character really well. That you can play him at a level where it’s all yomi, no execution barrier.

Generally, you know the matchup and just go with the flow. Twas really nice :smile:

Actually, not thinking in MvC2 has bred disastrous results for me. There is some amount of playing that should be left to muscle memory and reflex, but overall not thinking gets me killed quick, makes me far more sloppy.

I have to think in that game.

Why? Because I play low-tier and my team doesn’t really have an autopilot mode where I can sit on my laurels against anyone.

Fighting without thinking or zoning out is what my friends to I would do. For me, you become oblivious to everything around you and you concentrate on the match. You know you’re strengths and weaknesses with the character you are using, you go for what you know. You may win, you may lose but have fun. One reason I stopped playing competitively is because I am very competitive when it comes to fighting games. To this day, when competition comes around and we get a good micro-tourney going, I begin to zone out.

Rarely happens for me while playing fighting games. I have had it happen a lot while playing Wipeout (especially with the neGcon controller). I begin to lap the track at super human speeds without thinking about it, beating my best records. Sadly, I usually realize I’m “in the zone” and think, “I’m doing really good!” And then I crash… sigh

Now that you mention it, the same thing happened to me while playing Ouendan on the DS.

It’s a great feeling when this effect happens. I don’t often get it while playing fighting games, but I have noticed it while playing some of the harder action-beat em ups like the Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry series (On the hardest difficulty- Yeah I like the pain, what can I say?). I stop really thinking about what cool combos or moves I need to pull out, and I beast for a good 10-15 minutes without getting touched, and then suddenly I realize, “Woa, how did I get to this room?”

I totally get this effect when playing DDR.

I will do a line of coke and start playing Smash TV, that’s when I get in the zone.

fighting without thinking, eh?


that sums it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

How did he lose? Hundred hand slap > everything

I don;t know about SF, because it requires mind games and tactics, but over thinking is always a big problem in sports. It is one of my bad habits at least. Maybe it is because I play games, but when I think too much playing something athletic I always do worse because I could be doing something useful when I am standing still thinking.

Oh, he was thinking plenty.

Surely a good dose of “Hey, wtf is going on” with a dash of “this is so cheap”. :wgrin:

This happens to me when I get shit faced drunk and I play marvel. Muscle memory kicks in and it is pretty tight.

Not in any fighting game so far, but happened all the time back when i played jedi academy all day.

If you are in the zone, you are still thinking, you are just doing it more efficiently than usual. My theory on it is that a lot of the time we involve unnecessary portions of the brain to solve a problem that may be purely spacial.

yeah… there’s an apex in gaming ability that happens as often as eclipses… all of the defining factors of the game you’re playing (i.e. pokes, reach, speed, strategy, tactics, defense, ect.) will all align with one another and you’ll sail thru without really having to think about it… it’s like gamer omnipresence… you don’t realize whats happening til you’re eyes go out of focus… sometimes afterward you gotta take a few seconds to readjust yourself…

i can’t really space out to play, i’ll get stuck throwing too many hadokens when they’re at a bad range or something.

my brain goes at a million miles an hour when i’m playing well.