Fighting Yun

I’m having a tough time playing Yun. I try and parry his divekick, or i just block it when he crosses over, but his combo is so quick and by the time i get up from a knock down he hits me with w geneijin :sad:
any advice?:confused:

Me too, sometime I do my best to keep him away from me cause Yun player will come at you. Stay on the ground most of the time and confuse them with air fireballs for distance. It’s tricky but possible:wonder:

Very very hard matchup for Akuma. Harder than Ken. I’ll prepare a little anti-Yun post, but it wont be anywhere near as big as the anti-Ken one since

  1. I hardly get to play against good Yun’s offline unfortunately.
  2. Dealing with dive kicks really ends up depending on your reaction skills - no amount of posting and tips can help.

At work FYI, but I’ll see what I can put here before I go to Troc tonight for some offline action :arazz:

This will seriously be work in progress because I’m still learning about this matchup. Even players with average skills who use Yun as a mess around character can sometimes get wins on me :sad:

Basically, when playing Yun, remember the following:

Genei Jin kills Akuma
Good GJ user kills a blocking Akuma
target combo kills Akuma…
Only way to get the upper hand in this match is to find ways out of GJ, given that you’re blocking. This will mean using red parries, teleports, demons and (risky) SA1 or dragon.
MUST LEARN, GO INTO TRAINING MODE AND LEARN IT - I’M STILL TRYING TO GET THE TIMING DOWN 100% - red parry the final mp of Yun’s target combo. You may want to try red parrying the second hit of his mp,hp,b+hp combo, NOT the third hit as thats easy to parry, but also easy to change the timings on it… But anyways, try your best to red parry the third hit of his BnB target combo.

INTERESTING FACT: UKs best casual player, Damien, tells me that Yun’s divekick pressure hardly gives him problems. He simply uses the classic cr.HP to anti air it and says that it has never failed him :xeye: Can anyone try this out and let me know how well it works for them?

So lets talk about Yun’s divekicks. Yes I know they’re annoying. Yeah they’re a bitch. Of course they’re cheap. I mean, the guy himself says POO when he does them. POO = SHIT. Anyways, we still gotta work around it. One other thing though which, again, I havent done yet but should sometime soon - read up on the Yun strategy guides. What exactly are they thinking when they start rushing? What things are they looking out for? What things annoy them the most?

First off, dive kicks will almost always start from a STRAIGHT jump. Remember this fact. If a Yun player just casually jumps forward and tries to hit you with a dive kick (without a specific plan of some sort) - they’re rubbish. Anyways, straight jump dive kicks are very good for Yun to zone you safely. Rather than explaining lk,mk and HK versions, lets just use the spacing and angles to explain things.

  1. Dive kick whiffs well out of throw range - They’re probably trying to bait you into trying a dragon punch or some other anti air which will just leave you open. In this year’s SBO finals, Match throws out an SA1 on Nitto when he did a whiff divekick like this. Sickness - his dive kick landed right into the super! Try using Akuma’s far HP as well - just make sure YOUR move doesn’t whiff!

  2. Lands in throw range. The most common things that I’ve seen happen here are Yun grabbing you (command or not) or or - lunge punch. One other thing I’ve seen is jump AGAIN and do a crossover divekick. Poo…

  3. Dive kick hits. This one is hard to explain. At certain distances, you should be able to parry the divekick. Obviously it gets harder as the distance shortens. The important thing to remember here is what to do AFTER you block the divekick. Also applies in some cases where you get HIT by the divekick - because its not that straightforward to link his target combo from a divekick. Key thing first is DO NOT aim to throw Yun after blocking a divekick - I’m pretty sure that is what they WANT you to try. Why? The divekick puts you in enough blockstun such that by the time your throw comes out, they can be airborne again, and this time they’ll get a GJ in. Or even worse, if they go straight into target combo, it’ll probably beat your throw attempt since Yun’s lp comes out FASTER than a throw. So one strategy could be blocking until you see a chance to red parry that target combo. Another one which is used by most tournament players is that they look out for when Yun jumps and anti air them straight away. For example, that acho match where Yuki beat that 5 man team - remember what he did to KO just before the demon? KO did a divekick or jump in which Yuki blocked, then KO jumped straight again, most probably do dive in, but Yuki did a HP to knock him out before the dive kick could come out. Obviously it was straight after that that Yuki did his own divekick, then kara demon :badboy:

More on the way, manager walking past…

Overall though, once Yun manages to get in with those divekicks, Akuma blocking or not, Yun will eventually gain the momentum. The idea here is to stop him from getting in in the first place. The plan here is kick him out of the air then do a sa1 so that he has no choice but to parry. Or better yet - AIR HURRICANE THAT SHIT OUT!

When the dive kicks are done as whiffs, you have to condition the opponent to realise that you will poke or super the whiff divekicks - thus forcing them to use divekicks that will actually hit you. Then you can start thinking about parrying them or hitting them out first.

Speaking of hurricanes, that is one move you CANNOT abuse on the twins. They can duck it and punish very easily. Forget hurricanes for this match…

However one move you can abuse to some extent is the demon flip. Yun doesn’t have a very good anti air, and the demon flip just may be your best friend in this matchup. Use distancing well - don’t let them walk under your demon flip. Start off the flip mixups using your grab, and keep mixing up - your eventual goal is to land the dive kick off the demon flip as late as you can then follow up with a massive combo (Jiro does this A LOT against twins - usually ends up stunning them).

Due to Yun’s faster pokes which can pretty much stuff all of Akuma’s pokes - you shouldnt really try to poke him to death. Either go for hits that you can confirm into combos (like the demon flip mixups), or just stick to tick throw setups. Tick throw or kara throws will work very well against Yun players in general.

If you’ve been knocked down in the corner, then beware of what the divekicks can do. If, while you’re waking up, you see Yun jump - just teleport away. If he does try a divekick, it wont work. Otherwise you might just get caught, but I’d prefer that to getting done by a corner divekick setup :wasted:

GJ owns Akuma because of his baby health. But also remember that Yun takes crazy damage from Akuma as well, so it works both ways. Its just that Yun has the frame and speed advantage on Akuma.

From what I’ve seen, I’m fairly sure that Yun looks for any opportunity for a straight jump, SPECIALLY WHEN HE IS UNDER PRESSURE. I use this fact sometimes to air hurricane them out, but it backfires at times when they cop onto what I’m doing. I end up looking quite silly, but then I saw Jiro whiffing a few air hurricanes against the twins as well so now I dont feel too bad :bgrin:

More later hopefully :tup:

When GJ is activated and you didn’t block in time:

watch Yun carefully and let me know if you think that Yun looks like a roasted pussy on toast :xeye:

If you are blocking: Crouch block mostly since not all overheads can be chained into more attacks. Look out for Yun dashing in and trying either xx palm or command grab. You should be able to do something to get out or hit Yun when you see the dash - but you have to be very quick.

Learn to red parry the second (or even both) hit of the shoulder during GJ. Japs do this a lot.

If Yun jumps during GJ, think teleport the fuck away as far as I can. Keep him away with air fireballs - but bear in mind that he can still hit you while you’re airborne from further than you’d think using his lunge punch or even b.HP.

If you have two bars, Yun should be very careful about what he does, because your demon can go through almost all his attacks during GJ. Requires some messing about with.

More later…

I notice a lot of times during a match yun will be out of poke range, and doing short dive kicks, trying to bait you out to come closer, anticipate when he’s going to jump and throw a sa1, you’d be suprised how often this works. A good bait is neutral jump -air fireball, wait for their neutral jump(usually immediately when you land), throw sa1. You can see Jiro do this like a million times to multiple characters in some of the recent sbo videos.

meaty crossup dive X_x !! is so hard to guard as though it is unblockable . everyone can guard it but is just something is wrong .

I’ve been having some good games against Sean and Ryan Hart’s Yun. I’ll try and capture some of the games and post them. Just a one off though cos I dont like posting my losses :bgrin:


Yun Ownes Akuma

:annoy: :arazz:

truth. haha man genei jin on akuma = game turner. it sucks… youre in your game, rushing down… placing the pain. but then one messup and its overrrrr. Seeing that health go down with each palm makes me cry

Naz your tips totally helped me last night! Mainly the stuff about yuns dive kick. This guy kept trying to cross up with it as I woke up which was annoying. I’ve got a question tho: you said hurricanes are a bad idea against the twins, but what about air hurricanes. I use them way too often but against yun it doesnt put me in nearly as many tough situations as against ken.

Hey man, glad I could help :tup: Just remember that on wakeup, if you see Yun in the air, DO NOT CROUCH BLOCK IN ANY WAY. A divekick is probably coming so be ready to block or parry. If you have your timings down properly, you can commit to pressing one direction at the right moment and the divekick will either be blocked or parried - but I wouldnt recommend trying this for fun in a real match :arazz:

The air hurricane is your main weapon against Yun’s air game. Whenever you think a divekick is coming or Yun might jump - then the air hurricane is simply your best friend. Lots of damage, resets and juggle opportunities - just go for the HP reset cancelled to the demon flip because Yun can’t really get out of that mayhem without parrying, or going for EX dragon kick which might even get stuffed by your demon flip :badboy:

But you need to bear in mind that if Yun has spotted this, he can very easily wait on the ground, and as soon as you land from the hurricane, target combo xx GJ :mad: Or if you’re lucky and he’s out of range, he’ll just settle for xx lunge punch which still does a lot of damage to akuma.

This is where reflexes have to come into play. When you go for the jump, do the hurricane motion but dont press - WATCH if Yun is still on the ground or not. If he is, you have to (within that split second) decide on how or what move you can use so that you land fairly safely.

For example (I’ll only use this one extended example here, figure out the rest and let me know if you have questions) - Yun is just out of your sweep range. After a second or two you’re fairly sure he’ll go for a straight jump. So you super jump forward in the hopes of hurricaning him out. Now unfortunately Yun does NOT jump - so no hurricane should come out from you. Decide quickly between:
Air fireball
empty jump in
late hurricane
late jump in HP/HK

Yuns best answer to someone’s jump in is to walk underneath them. To avoid this you need to go for something like a late hurricane. This might work because as Yun starts walking under you, a hurricane might hit him from the other side. The only problem is that the timing on this is very strict.
The other option is a divekick. If you’re fairly early in your jump and Yun is walking forward but still not quite under you, a divekick should quickly place you in front of Yun or just hit him. Unless he parried it - you should be safe and on the offence.
Air fireball - use that if Yun is actually walking away while you’re landing.
Empty jump in - go for this if you’re very good at parrying in the air, as well as on landing i.e. its possible to jump over Yun and actually parry what he does to you when you land. This is actually the best option in my opinion.
Use the late jump in attack if Yun is in front of you as you land.

Yun owns Akuma. So remember to play this match KNOWING that you’re using a weaker character, so there isn’t any ‘fair fighting’ going on. Its all about baiting and double guessing the other side.

I hope I remember all that in my next match. Why super jump tho? All my air hurricanes are just regular jump. Will I hit more?

Obviously I will need to say A LOT more about the Yun matchup…

I played Exodus last night and he beat me 27-0. About 15 games were with Yun.

All he had to say to me afterwards was that I dont really know the Yun matchup.

So he’s gonna start teaching me about it. Until then, you’ll have to make do with whatever rubbish I’ve posted so far :sad:

I just had an offline set against Dukus, which I recorded. His main is Dudley, but he also uses Ken, and for the last week - Yun.

Let me know if you want to watch some of the Yun VS Akuma matches between us. I’m asking first because these matches aren’t exactly top quality - Dukus doesnt know too much about Yun and he mainly gets his wins from very good execution, hit confirming and parrying. Any GOOD Yun player wont be too impressed… but if anyone watches his Ken or Dudley matches then they will be very impressed.

lets see the vids harmonaz :slight_smile:

Yes but youtube plz