Fighting Yun

How do I youtube? and upload them there.
you don’t have to though, upload however u’d like.

:nunchuck: GENEI JIN!!! :nunchuck:

whoops, wrong thread :sweat:

Chai on the other hand plays a good Yun :arazz: Too bad I can’t capture any offline games against him :sad:

I’ve uploaded the first of 3 parts of my matches against Dukus’ Yun. They’re all at

I tried uploading to youtube and yousendit last night, and ended up wasting a lot of time cos those sights kicked me off mid upload. I could have just put all three files on filefront.

Well I hope you dont have too much trouble getting the files. Happy viewing :tup:

GAYneijin* u mean :wink:
thanks for uploading harm.

hey guys, i just saw some real good vids of yun vs akuma. its this one dude named Paul T, i saw a vid of one of his tourneys once…a good akuma player. im uploading the 2 vids rite now, and will post when they’re done :wgrin:


That Yun got wrecked. Well I guess it’s good to spam that close standing fierce becuase it stuffs Yun when he tries to get Air born.