FightingStick Art Contest

Attention I am holding an art contest and would love it if some people would submit work for it.
The contest is for fighting stick art and will need to completed on a template provided below

Anyone who submits work is elligible to win a cash prize:
1st place prize will be sent $30 dollars over paypal
2nd place will get $20 dollars over paypal
3rd place will get $10 dollars over paypal

Deadline to enter the contest will be Oct 15.
Winners will be annouced on Oct 22.

Here is how to enter:
send an email with your submission to
images that don’t adhere to the requirements of the template will be thrown out
Certain guidelines must be fulfilled specified below:

The name NITROFROST (one word) MUST be in the picture.

Certain characters MUST be in the picture:
Sagat (Street Fighter series)
Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat series)
Hakumen (Blazblue series)

Other characters that can be added but don’t have to be:
Taskmaster (Marvel comics)
Christie (Dead or Alive series)

Makoto (Street Fighter series)
Poison (Final Fight series)

Please feel free to be very creative. The more creative the better chance of you winning.
You may enter as many times as you want for a possible chance to win MULTIPLE prizes.
Also note that if by the end of the deadline, if the submissions are not up to stuff NO ONE will win the contest.
I look forward to seeing your images!

For examples on other art sticks see the images below:

this is a very odd post…

Void where prohibited?

I would advise all artists to refuse to participate in “contests.” If you do work you should be paid for it, and respected for the time, talent and skill that goes into it.

If you want to commission art, do that. Don’t expect a bunch of suckers to do free work for you while you dole out some crumbs.

I plan on paying who ever gives me damn good art. I am not going to try and commission a bunch of people and have them not come up with what I want when I can get people to be competitive and fight for the cash like an artists fights for a job. Its not a scam or anything I will pay people and announce and show who won.

How else am I going to get something that I want without having more then one artist working on one? Also Why would I pay someone if they didn’t give me something I liked?

Hey you over there make me this…after 2 hours…here you go…hands over a stick figure… NOW PAY ME

thats not how it works. I will pay people that should get paid this isn’t a scam

What’s to stop you from just saying that none of the submissions were up to par and there is no winner? Giving you free art templates.

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Agree with chad, anyone that takes themselves serious would be insulted with this. With that said, if anyone is doing out of hobby or boredom, go for it.

I am covering may ass from people just submitting something they did in paint for 5 min and saying that should be worth money

how should I run this if anyone is willing to enlighten me? I don’t have a solid design other then I want said characters with said name and I am not going to commission someone and have them make 50 different things and still be like yeah I didn’t like any of those. What would I do then pay him for making me something I didn’t want? I am not about screwing him over but at the same time he didn’t give me something I wanted. Hence the contest that a bunch of people can enter and see if they win. How else should I run this?

As an artist, this is what I’ve been thinking since the second I read the post.

I could possible make an imgur album of everyones entries that way people know I am looking at them and will have to pick one. Or does that not sound like a good idea. I have never done this before so any suggestions would be nice.

Your template link is from the site of a very talented artist who just happens to make commissioned artwork for sticks. Since you already know his website, why not read through it and get him to do your art? He works with you every step of the way to make sure you get what you’re paying for.

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I understand I am new on the forums and this looks like a scam.

Would making the prize money something like 60 bucks for 1st and 30 for 2nd sound like a better idea. I have no clue how to guarantee that I am going to pay other then maybe having people from the community vouch that I would pay or maybe having a mod or something approve. I don’t know. I know a few people on here that could vouch but what is stopping people from saying their in on it.?

what if every entry looked like shit, and you have to pay 3 people for stuff you didn’t want. I"m not saying your trying to rip people off, my suggestion is commission for something you want by people with examples that you like. that would still give you a more confident approach to what you inherently want in the first place.

What if I commission someone to do art for me and follow the guidelines and they have to keep creating something would that increase what they would want even though they had a set price of say 40 bucks? I am emailing the guy D3Vlicious and see what he thinks and if he is willing to work with me.

OR you could find a competent artist that does this sort of thing (like D3V and others) and arrange a commission like many others have instead of holding an insulting “contest”…

Hell many (including myself) have done lots for free for folks that asked…

Freaking kids these days…

I didn’t think the contest would be insulting and I apologize extremely if it comes off that way.

I am going to edit this to be more asking if people would be willing to work with my guidelines for a price.

I’ve had D3V do two commissions for me, and they turned out awesome, even with my horrible taste and c-blocking his creativity…

I say, wipe this thread, since most people have been negatively responding, and do some research in the stick art thread to see if anyone’s work catches your eye.
(just my opinion, the original concept was fun and cool, since I havent seen it done before, but I’d cut my losses, again this is just me talkin)

Reminds me of this Best of Craigslist ad.

Scam much? You know theres people here who are willing to help you make artwork for your stick