Fightpad/Controller users - Dpad or Analog stick for SFV?

Hey all,

Just trying to get an idea of who uses a dpad and who uses an analog stick on their controllers for SFV.

I bounce between the two, for some reason I find that the analog stick works a heck of a lot better in SF5 vs 4.
I am not entirely sure why, but whatever they’ve done with the controls seems to be working out for me. I’ve used both the DS4 on the PS4 and the Xbone controller on the PC, and have noticed that the analog inputs have been pretty darn good in comparison with other SF games.

Maybe it’s just me?

Probably not the answer you wanna hear, as it’s essentially a non answer, but just use whatever you’re comfortable with. There is no objective right or wrong.

If you like playing with it and feel it’s right for you, use it.