Fightpad or Arcade stick

Hi everyone.
I’ve got a dilemma. I’m getting SSF4 tomorrow and i want to buy controller for it.
I’ve already played it at my friend’s console and i mostly used Balrog and Dee Jay.
I think that i just preffer charge characters over others.
What controller do you reccomend for me? ( I can play pretty well on x360 pad and already played vanilla SF4 ).
Thanks in advance.

Madcatz TE


TE round 1 while you still can.

TE R1, R2, Asian Market TE, MvC2 TE, Hori RAP (the vewlix looking one), pads are great for everything else… but purists will say use a stick.

It would be hard to do a lot of the combos with only your thumb on the fightpad. I guess you can use the shoulder buttons but it’s still pretty limited compared to using your whole hand. Especially plinks.

Thanks everyone for help. I got TE and it’s pretty cool.

Te ftw!!!