Fightpad or EX2?


Tomorrow I will a chance to purchase either one, but after reading a few sites and around here, I’m getting completely different results.

So my question is, between these two controllers for a guy who hasn’t been seriously into street fighter since Street Fighter 2 Turbo, which controller is better for the long run? I want something responsive, reliable, and can handle both charge/quarter circle characters. I tried using the analog for the 360 but Ultras were hard to pull off and I couldn’t even dash properly.

EDIT: I’m also not a modder and don’t plan on being one, so no don’t base your recommendations that I can use Sanwa parts or anything :stuck_out_tongue:


My vote would be for the EX2. I own an unmodded EX2, and… its adequate for Street Fighter. I mean, sure, a custom built arcade stick, or a Mad Catz stick would probably be a lot more accurate. But its still pretty good, I can still pull of most moves easily. I mean, not 100% of the time, but maybe 80%. Its more than I would expect with a gamepad. Plus, with the fightpad, unless you hold it at an unnatural angle, you only have 1 thumb to hit 6 buttons. With the arcade stick, you can use 5 fingers.

For the price, I’d say its worth it.


I think the EX2 would be the better choice because of the joystick, and it should meet your expectations if you’re only wanting to spend about $40-$50 and won’t be playing too much.


With all the bad press on the SF4 SE sticks I’ve been considering the EX2 and a few mods as well… But would I miss the fourth set of buttons?


Nope, I haven;t missed them at all.


The default setting for the last two buttons are the 3 punches or 3 kicks at the same time. Unless you can’t hit 3 buttons at the same time…


The EX2 is pretty good out of the box. I personally would go with that.