FightPad Picks Up Incorrect Buttons


Like the title says. I’ve started and restarted Street Fighter and my machine multiple times. The pad is only 3 weeks old and hasn’t been modded in anyway. It has fresh batteries and re-binding doesn’t work either. My arcade stick is on it’s way (Paewang Revolution) but I’d like to be able to play on my pad until then. Any help is appreciated :3

I don’t show it in the video, but Start and Select don’t work.



So is it safe to assume its one of the first gen fight pads that are wireless that use the wireless dongle?


Yeah I think. I can’t find the box, but it has a T. Hawk design.

UPDATE: It’s completely dead now. New batteries and I’ve tried the dongle in multiple USB ports and nothing. This occurred after I tried setting the controls to default in the in the options. The dongle flashes the light, but doesn’t pick up input.