Fightpad turbo for buffering and combos... useless?

I just moved into a small college dorm so I didn’t bring my fightstick and instead opted for a fightpad with high hopes. The turbo appears to be too slow, even on the fastest setting. When buffering honda’s cr.lp to hhs, it’s too slow for the hhs to come out. When connecting chun’s ex LL from cr. lk after doing here hazanshou, it can only connect it after two light kicks are done, but that sucks because two lk often push an opponent too far away when they’re crouching for the LL to hit (during a combo after hazanshou).

Basically, does anyone know of any ways to speed up this turbo button, or am I just gonna have to return this piece of crap? Seriously, how can Mad Catz purposely make a fightpad for SF but make the turbo too slow to pull off mash specials in combos?

Put turbo on LP, MP, and HP, then slide your thumb/finger from LP to MP to HP.

If you do that and it works, then you’re doing almost half much work as a decent player who doesn’t use turbo in fighting games.

Didn’t we just have this thread? It ended with me asking for a bit more detail to work out how many presses a second the madcatz controllers are doing, and no-one replying.

it does 20 presses a second, however my advice is to stop cheating