Fightpad vs fightstick

i been wanting to get one of those for a long time now, but in my country the madcatz tournament edition costs 200 bucks, so i want to be sure that is worth it.

i have been playing with pads my whole life so right now the most conftable option for me would be the fight pad, so my question is, there is really so much diference between using a stick or a pad? because i dont want to hinder my skill because of the controller i pick


(btw my options are the madcatz fightpad street fighter IV round 2 for the ps3 and the madcatz fightstick tournament edition for the ps3)

Get the TE. Yes, there’s a HUGE difference between a Joystick and a Pad, but with practice, you’ll feel more at home with the Joystick. It just makes the playing experience that much better.

Note: there’s nothing wrong with using a Pad at all. If you decide to go in that direction, that’s fine. I just think the Joystick experience is that much better, and you won’t regret it, as long as you’re okay with having to adjust and learning a whole new style of play.

people say that joystick buttons react faster and the stick is more responsible, easier to hit all directions at once whereas if you have a pad the placement of your thumb can sometimes mean the difference between a win or a loss cause of the milliseconds it takes to hit certain directions. For instance if you’re not experienced in doing a shoryuken from a crouching position, you’ll most likely be hit… whereas with a joystick you wouldn’t really need any kinda training as long as you have the feel for it

In my opinion, go buy the fight pad, and the SE stick. The SE is easily the best entry-level stick (easily moddable too) and experiment with both really. Vangief and Wolfkrone are proving that you don’t need those fancy smanchy Sanwa buttons and stick. Just practice with both and see what’s what. If you are more interested in playing on stick after you buy a SE, then I can only recommend a TE. Its all about getting the most for your dollar, and if you aren’t ready to take the 200 dollar plunge, then this route is the best way to go.

the SE and a fight pad it is then, i will have to look everywhere for the SE though, here in chile we dont have much variety when it comes to peripherals

thanks for your answers!

I’d just get the stick, yes there are some people that say pad is just as good as stick…But there are tons who think otherwise.
You may be able to get pad to work for you just as well if you’re lucky, but there’s no chance you’d be better on pad than stick if you learnt it, only a chance you’d be just as good.

Went from Ps3 pad > MC fightpad > MC SE fightstick > MC TE fightstick

Final verdict TE FTW!!!

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If you’re more comfortable on pad and worried about shelling out money, I’d suggest looking for a good fightpad.

Since you’re on PS3, I’d honestly recommend the Hori Fighting Commander 3. It’s what I use, and I think it’s great. I know Inthul uses a dual modded one.

A lot of people are going to tell you to use a stick, but really, it’s all about opinion. It’s not a scientific fact that a stick makes you better, it’s just that most people who shell out that much money tend to want to get their moneys worth out of their product, learn to use it, then never go back to a pad, so of COURSE they get better than they were on a pad, because they got so used to their stick.

Play on what YOU are more comfortable with. I tested out a lot of things before I finally settled on the FC3. It’s just what I was most comfortable on. In the end, don’t let anyone here make you feel like one thing is better than the other, just use our advice to figure out what YOU really would like better.

NOW, one thing I will also say, is that if you’re wanting to play in tournaments, you might want to get and use a stick anyway, because if you have a pad for one system, and the tourney is using another system, you’re going to be SOL. I’m dual modding my FC3 just for this reason. If you get used to the TE stick, then if the tournament is on whatever system you DON’T have a stick for, you’ll at least be used to the controls on a stick if you end up borrowing one.

It’s really just preference. I went through four Mad Cats Fightpads and four Hori EX2 pads, all of which were either defective out of the box, or started “ghosting” after 3-4 weeks. After that I just got a TE stick instead.

I’m not trying to influence your decision: I just thought it was worth mentioning. If you like the Fightpads and can find one that works, then by all means use that. But hold onto it for dear life.

Just my opinion.

Pad or Stick, it’s all about preferences. There isn’t anything you can’t do on a Pad vs Stick but I will say that in most cases, it’s much harder on a pad. I would recommend you learn stick. That way, if you decide to go to the arcades, you’ll already be prepared and you won’t have to learn stick on the spot. There’s a learning curve before you’re proficient at stick because you’re using muscles you aren’t normally using. If you’re dedicated, it shouldn’t take you more than a month to be as good as you were on the pad. Some players take longer but that shouldn’t stop you from learning stick.

The advantages that are commonly associated with stick are …

Advanced techniques are easier to perform (e.g. PLinks)
Button layout allows for easier accessibility
Higher comfort ability

These are just some but others are subjective. Hope this helps you

^^ That right there.

Went through 3 MC fightpads in 1 year. Tried a saturn usb pad too but that d-pad to me is too dam small to be accurate all the time.

there is a few reasons why getting a stick its starting to feel necesary for me, the first one is that my main character in ssf4 is juri and its really hard to stock fireballs on a pad, second is that i need e reliable controller and for what you guys say the mc fightpads die way too fast, i cant buy them every month, the fight comander looks great but i cant find it anywhere in my country.

im still interested in the mc fightpad though, i heard some stuff about the first batch of pads, like the buttons are too loose, and they dont last very long, do you guys know if they fixed those issues with the round 2 fightpads? or the round 3?

thanks for all the help btw!

I had major problems with dropped inputs from the first gen of MadCatz PS3 pads, since they’re wireless only.

I can completely understand the storing fireballs as Juri issue, and it definitely is easier on a stick to do that.

The other issues, with advanced techniques, button layout, comfort, etc, are all a matter of opinion.

And about the FC3, why can’t you just order it from Play-Asia?

If you wait til the new year, I’m sure Madcatz will be dropping a new line of Fight Sticks in preparation for MvC3. Chances are, you may be able to get a sweet deal then as opposed to shelling out $$ now on the current models.

I believe that there is a style element to it as well. Sticks are easily moddable and can be made from scratch to your personality and liking. They represent Street Fighter and not just video games in general. When you are seen playing a pad, people often think you are a CoD player or basement dweller. Also, while there are definately good pad players, very very few of them play without macros. This proves that there is something uneasy about the setup and it’s up to you if you want to start actually playing SF.

do you know if play asia delivers to chile? i try not to import because here you have to pay a ton of taxes so you end up paying double most of the time, but i will look into that.

the style element is cool too, i like drawing so i would love to mod my arcade stick

play on both. Pad at home, stick at the arcade

I don’t know, sorry. That tax thing must suck, sorry to hear that, I understand why you might not want to import. I DO know that there are people on ebay selling it and will ship worldwide.

Like I said though, if you want to play in tournaments, you’re going to want to either play with something that’s the same across platforms (like if you were to buy two MadCatz pads, one for 360, one for PS3. Or buying a stick, and you could borrow one at a tourney if you had to) or mod whatever you get to work on both systems.

And the issue you had with Juri’s fireballs WILL be easier on a stick, simply because you can use more than your thumb.

But yeah, think about what you really want to do, and what would be best for you in the end.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve been playing on pad since I started.
But, I can hit 3 buttons with my thumb. I could probably do Ken’s kara throw with just my thumb if I practised. I have a few times in training mode, but not consistantly. It’s whatever works best for you. I have quite manoeuvrable thumbs so I do just fine.

Inthul and Vangief are both pad players. And have beaten many many stick players.
And Chrome Hound if I’m not mistaken.

You can adapt using either controller. A fightpad dopesn’t really have any advantages over a DualShock 3, so I’d stick with that if I wasn’t buying a stick.

Many people find using a stick easier in the long run, but it’s not going to be an immediate cure-all to your problems. It takes a good amount of getting used to, and a fair deal of experience before you can expect to see results above what you can get now on pad.

If you’re serious about fighters, and have difficulty executing or learning certain manuevers and techniques, try a stick out. A TE is among the best out there, and certainly the best for it’s price. Otherwise, stick with what you have.