Fightpad vs Saturnpad?

So I think the Fightpad and th eSaturnpad are the best pads out there .
If you have used both, which do you prefer more and why?

Will moves be easier to pull off on Fightpad or Saturnpad?
I suppose throws/focus/taunts are harder to pull off with the Saturnpad (awkward placement)
But charge characters are better to use on the Saturnpad due to the size of the Fightpad?
Is that true?

Im not so sure which to buy, I started this thread since I havent seen feedback from people who have used both of em.


I personally think they are pretty much even. The only thing I like about the fightpad better is that it looks cooler.

Saturn d-pad FTW. Fightpad sometimes has diagonal issues.
Both face buttons are pretty good. Fightpad feels better with clawgrip.

I prefer the FightPad. The dpad is higher and has more smoother rotation feeling. The face buttons are big, flat and are all the same size. The grip is more comfortable too.

And if you’re talking about the USB Saturn pad, the dpad on those are terrible. Genuine dpads are good though. The face buttons on the Saturn pads are weird at first but you get use to it.

A Fightpad that actually isn’t defective and works normally is better.

…in other words, the Saturn pad is better. <_<

How big are your hands?

Mine aren’t too big for a guy, probably a little smaller than average I’d say, and I prefer the Saturn pad. However, my friends with larger hands really like the FightPad. I can use both, and at first I loved the FightPad, but now it’s all Saturn for me.

That is, when I use a controller anymore :wink:

Saturn pad! The D-pad on the fightpad is so damned big and raised up from the surface that it feels awkward. Hitting diagonals on it is tough as well.

I have a much easier time doing supers like Guile and Bison’s on the regular x-box pad.

It’s kind of a wash. Like some people have said the Fightpad has better buttons and the Saturn pad has the better d-pad IMHO. There are pros and cons to each. If you can find a Saturn pad that isn’t a knockoff I would get it since it’s nice for other games.

I used to prefer the Saturn Pad for years. But the Fight Pad has larger buttons that makes the KK and PPP, KP etc all “multibutton moves” more easy to achieve.
When on the S Pad I just missed all the T Hawk Dive, D Sim Teleport, Gief Lariat etc … These are very easy to perform with the Fight Pad thanks to its “stick like” buttons
That said, I wish Sirlin had removed all the multibutton moves b/c there not skilled or efficient to play, just easier to pull out for a stick player, but a nightmare when on pad.
So for this reason only, I’ve moved to the Fight Pad. However I prefer the D Pad of the S Pad which is smaller and allows quicker execution for translation characters.

Let’s hope we see other good third party Pads coming when KOF XII comes out.