Fightpad with Guile


Hey guys, read the reviews of a lot of people having issues with charging characters using the fightpad. I got one coming off ebay ($50 couldn’t pass up) and I was just curious if this is a pretty universal problem, I main Guile and I’m curious if others can use these guys without issues, thanks in advance.


$50 for a 39.99 fightpad you couldn’t pass up? We have differing ideas on what is a good deal.


wow…helpful reply, angry you social life consists of playing video games online and flaming on video game forums? Seeing as how I’m in Canada and there isn’t anywhere to buy one paying a $10 premium doesn’t bother me…now please remove your headset and move along kid


My headset? What? You think I was flaming you…are you really this sensitive?

I’m at work killing time during lunch. But I’ll tell you what I’m not doing: Trying to play a charge character on a pad I paid over retail for. :lol:


Don’t get so mad, How could he have known you’re a Canadian? You didn’t say CAD anywhere, Unless you meant $50 USD … And that includes shipping …right?

I would have waited for them to come in stock at retail stores here… Mainly because it’s usually cheaper and you don’t have to deal with customs, (Especially if you use UPS as a courier), things getting lost in the mail, etc…

That’s why I didn’t preorder the TE stick. Even though that means I have to wait till mid march till retail stores stock them up here.

Right now

39.99 USD = 50.9952 CAD

Mr MoJoZ So, if he meant $50 CAD it’s not over retail.


must be a good job working on a saturday…congrats on your success in the retail world.


I’m sure people will be coming here in droves to help you with that attitude.


Ignoring all the drama and getting to the helpful part…yes some ppl have no problem using a pad with charge character is kno ppl that can even perform his (Guile) super on the pad

Practice the charge move standing and crouching…and just note that if u hold down-back or ‘3’ on the d-pad you can move to up+kick or forward+Punch

I think one of the important things is to remember that with charge moves sometimes you have to quickly get your thumb from back to forward with out mistakenly pressing anything else to obstruct the flow.

With is supper however try sliding your finger. And if you practice moving your thumb within the centre of the d-pad rather than the edge it should be easier because it would get out the input for the super faster. So rest your thumb close to the centre and kinda lean it into the directions.

Also try to pay close attention to how it feels when it works and when it doesnt.

with his sonic boom you should try to release them consecutively as fast as possible. So immediately after you release one move your thumb back on back and start charging for another one.

I hope this is helpful. I know it can be frustrating when you want answers and it seems like your not getting any helpful responses. Don’t worry to much bout it…just do you




Ah yes, mocking people who work a day on a weekend … you sir, have style!


Retailers. We sell stuff, even to people we don’t like! Thanks for your money.

And IMO, playing a charge character with a fight pad is going to be like slamming your cock in a door… probably best avoided, but if you’re into that kind of pain, well, that’s on you.



I work retail :sad: but that temp lol

anyways i think guile wont be as hard like dictator or something i hate trying to do ultra and teleport comes out in the end its all prefrence i bet there a dictator out there playing on fight pads


I don’t have too many problems while playing with guile on a joypad. The only problem is pressing mk and mp at same time or pressing lp and lk at same time is just very hard to do in pad. I cannot use focus attack and do some very amazing stuff because of it.


So what’s stopping you from playing on a joystick?


The new fight pads are awesome.
No move is beyond reach except maybe Sagat’s fake kick…:looney:

Charge moves & Focus attacks are no problem. I hate to sound like a commercial. But so much hype has been on the sticks, people are sleeping on the fact that these are probably the best fighting game pad controllers ever created.

I’m a joystick player myself, but having a 2 year old running around means sometimes it’s nice to have a cordless controller that is fully functional & designed for Street Fighter. No cords to be tripped over by rugrats.

Also, $50 for a fight pad is a great deal right now. Especially compared to the Ebay/aftermarket prices. ($80 - $100)
You will not find these at retail. If you do, go play the lottery that day cuz you are lucky.

Like anything, you have to get your comfort zone. I have 4 out of 5 of these fight pads (still waiting for Akuma) & I have had no problem with any of them.
It will be $50 well spent.