Fightpad... worth it?

I’m an avid pad player. (SSFIV/BBCS)

I’ve used a stick on many occasions, while I have no issues with them, I think they’re great.

I just seem to be able to dish out better on a pad.

But I know deep down (sniff sniff) that a stick and many hours in training mode will help me out in the long run, so what I’m asking is…

Would getting a Fightpad via gamestop or amazon or what have you, be a good transition to a stick both financially and ummm, finger adjust…ily…?

Not really. Although you change your grip on pad so it’s similar to how you would use a stick.

Take a look at the Trials done on Gamepad vid that’s currently on the front page to see what I mean.

However if you like pad just stick with it, in which case a fightpad would be good.

If you feel more comfortable/succesful on a pad then stay with that and forget the stick…

There are plenty of pad players out there and some that place well at tournaments all the time. It’s all about what feels comfortable for you.

use whatever you do better with,eh?! Some people prefer the “arcade experience” with joystick & some people don’t want to dish out extra coin for one.

that “joystick arcade feel” is bs to people who played on pad when they first started. If you grew up playing FGs on pad, stick with it.

It boils down to whether you’ll be playing at the arcade or not. Obviously you can’t take a pad to the arcade.

Pad players tend to become depressed when going out somewhere, say a beach, and stumbles upon a SF4 cabinet at the arcade, where tons of cholos are playing, where one mediocre player is being cheered for owning all the lesser scrubs with his less-than flowchart Ken. The pad player will be all like, “this dude is ballz”, and challenge the scrub king, only to end up losing and walking away with his head down in shame because he “should have won” against such a terrible player, but his lack of arcade stick experience brought upon his demise.



By reading this post, I have instilled some obsessive compulsion within you. You will now be aware that there will be a slight off-chance you will be bumping into S/SFIV cabinets within your lifetime and feel inclined to buy a stick and learn how to play on it. Otherwise, you’ll never gain the recognition you deserve when it is YOU who is the actually the best at the arcade, but some cholo scrub is getting all the glory.



i remember when i was a kid playing sf2, mk, ki etc going to the arcade getting beat by shitty players cuz i didnt know how to use a stick

it made me rage…

i now know how to use a stick, and theres no arcades within 3 hours of me. oh the irony

Originally i bought a Arcade stick because of all the stories i heard of it making things easier and because i wanted that Arcade feel to it with the easier button presses and such.
Ive never played on a fightPad before but ive been playing on both controller and Stick back and forth lately and i will say i find pulling off executions for some characters and playing them in general is definitely easier with the button layout and responsiveness of the stick.



+1 on DS3!

I’ve played on stick for a while. tbh it’s not hard to adapt to, the only big difference I personally get between the pad and stick is:
-Sq gates = easy charge character
Stick = slightly hard to dash

everything else is fairly manageable to me… so I wouldn’t have much trouble playing at an arcade (if i ever go to one that is)…

Everybody needs to discover their own answer by themselves on this one.

Why not i use stick and i have a pad just for fun :slight_smile:

[left]ds2 > ds3[/left]

Just a quick warning: Fightpads work well at first but tend to break easy, at least the wireless ones. I’ve had two already and now use a Saturn pad. They do work well when they don’t skip inputs so it’s kind of a double-edged sword.

Play with what you feel comfortable with. Better in using pad? Then stick to it. I started with a fightpad myself and I really wanted a stick. I got two sticks now and i’m content but just go for the pad if you’re better at it.

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exactly my thoughts when i decided to go with a stick when i started on SF4! well, kind of anyway ha ha…

but i figure to be honest if you decide to go and buy a fightpad, that would make you even less likely to transfer to stick afterwards. its much easier to go from shitty pad (xbox and ps3 default pads) to a stick, than a well built and admittedly very good pad (madcatz pads), then again if youre not particularly bothered about having skills that would translate to an arcade (if your ever in any) then theres nothing wrong with using a pad. i dont think i could ever go back to a pad since switching to stick over a year ago though.

As somebody who started out on a pad, I’d recommend a madcatz pad. The button layout got me accustomed to the six button layout so that my transition to stick eight or so months ago was rather painless. I was doing just as well on a stick as I was on a pad after four hours.

I used to have a Madcatz TE and wanted to try a pad again but didn’t like my PS3 pad so I got a Hori pad. It’s pretty nice. I sold my TE and I regret that now. Wouldn’t hurt to switch it up every once in a while. For some reason on a pad my execution feels more comfortable on the left side of the screen. With a stick it didn’t matter. Either way I’m a bad player but I sure wish I knew how to play back when I had a TE in the way I play now…

I have 2. A PS3 Ryu pad from April 2009 that surprisingly still works perfectly up until now (despite an initial 6 months of heavy use) and a 360 one that was used for padhacking.

I use fightpad. Im not a very good player but yeah I use it. It feels better than stick IMO