Fightpad worth it?

I searched and couldn’t find anything (For some reason)
I was wondering if the fightpad was worth buying (since it’s $40) for me right now. Im pretty new at this game, I’ve only had it for a week but I’ve been improving quite a bit. I main Gouken. Do you guys think that I should just use the xbox 360 controller or buy a fightpad right now (or later, when I get better).

I have difficulty pulling off the Ultra and Super for Gouken with the D pad on the xbox controller so I use the Joystick when I am about to do it then switch back to the D pad. Will the fightpad help this?

What are some good players that play with the fightpad? (can I get some links?) I heard the Luffy (The Rose player) plays on the pad.

Shizza, the chun li player from socal uses pad. look him up

His SRK Username is WhaWhat if you want to contact.

Pads are for women. Get a stick.

Theyre too pricey for what I’m going to do with Street fighter. I’m more than likely not going to go to tournaments so I just want to do better.

my friends prefer pads.

the madcatz pads are fine pads, best since the sega six button. (or the japanese saturn controllers)

Pretty much anything is better than the stock Xbox 360 pad. I can’t imagine playing street fighter with that. It’s like playing tennis with a boxing glove.

Move up to a fight pad would be good. Or for just a bit more, you can get a SE stick. I’d personally recommend the SE, as if you decide you want to get more serious in the future, you can easily mod it with arcade parts.

yea drop the X-box controller, played on that thing two days tops and decided no more.

Fight pads are fine, just be very gentle with them.

They’re great for playing if you want to play on pad. But the quality is really poor. In my circle of friends alone there’s been three USB dongles and three pads that’s crapped out.

OP is on X360 so no dongle involved.

Just the easily breaking Dpad and random button presses to worry about then. I’d probably try and get one of the new pads in hope of them fixing the issues with the old ones. Chances are you’ll migrate to a stick in the end if you’re having enough fun playing, almost all my friends did.

Some people are just lucky, some aren’t. For example, my PS3 fightpad that I bought last May is still going strong (no buttons sticking, no dongle issues, nothing), granted it pretty much is treated as if it were made of crystal (no mashing, always returned to it’s plastic cradle).

i would not recommend it. had 2 (bought one and exchanged it) the diagonals only registered 25% of the time. i thought it was broken so it exchanged it. same issue. just get a stick. in the long run it will be worth it.

As has been stated, the SE is only slightly more expensive than that, and you’ll be better off learning on a stick than switching to one later.

They break easier than Dualshock 3?

How the hell do people treat these things? I’ve had mine since RELEASE, modded the shit out of it, and it still works flawlessly. I’ve replaced the rubber backing on the Dpad because the initial release ones had a bad quality flaw, but have since been improved…the Dpad has never had a hitch. Got the rubber piece from madcatz for free, along with 2 spares, just in case.

I recommend the 360 versions heavily if you want to use a pad, PS3 versions still have oodles of problems due to the stupid wireless dongle.

By slightly you mean double. I would say go with the fight pad because it is lightyears ahead of the stock 360 controller. Plus the SE is $80 and the stock parts aren’t worth using. You may be ok with them since you’ve never used anything better but the parts in mine crapped out within a month. So shortly after spending $80 if you want your stick to keep working you will need to spend $70 more on arcade parts. Which is a big investment of $130. And if the cost wasn’t enough to deter you away from it there is also the learning curve of having to switch to stick. It’s like learning to walk again. So just drop the $40 on and fightpad. That’s not a whole lot of money and it is much better then trying to suffer through using a stock 360 controller.

The Gamestop near me has new SEs for $60.

Even with replacement parts (JLF + 6 Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons, because 3P / 3K aren’t useful) and shipping, total cost is still less than a TE.

While I’m glad I upgraded to a stick, I really enjoyed my Fightpad.