I was thinking about investing into a fightpad. I find myself mashing on an arcade stick vs. me not mashing on a dualshock 2 controller. Also using a xbox360 controller for SSF4AE/UMVC3 is starting to make me pretty agitated due it not blocking correctly. I’m still new to the advance scene of fighting games, but blocking on the 360 d-pad is terrible. I would like to improve my game but the curve to improve with a 360 controller is very… high. I was wondering if anyone has one and can answer a few questions.

Which brand should I look at?
Notes: All I have seen/heard about is the MadCatz ones.

Durability. Does it break easily?
Notes: I find myself mashing on an arcade stick vs. me not mashing on a dualshock 2 controller.

Is the d-pad a similar feel to the dualshock 2?
Notes: This is what I started/grew up with. And would like to continue on with it.

I use an xbox360, is there an adapter to use a dualshock 2 controller for the 360? Does it have input lag?
Notes: I also would have to buy a new dualshock 2 (if they even sell those anymore)



There are a lot of converters that suck, but the Xtokki one is great. (The InPiN PS2 -> PS3 converter is great too, and I recommend picking it up in conjunction with the Xtokki; many tournaments ban wireless controllers, plus the DS3’s L2/R2 are nothing like the DS2’s)

Get one of those and keep using your DS2 if you want to play on something which feels like a DS2. You can get a new-in-box DS2 on Ebay, at the very least, but I’m sure other places still have them as well.


To be honest, I have a pad and its better than the original controllers. The thing is, you’re better of practicing on your stick than using a pad. I’ve heard stick users take awhile to get it fully down. Just keep practicing man. Trust me. :slight_smile:


I agree with awkward_combo, if you absolutely must play with a controller then so be it, I even know a few who do, but at this early stage give sticks another chance. There is a period of time where your game play will suffer and your brain will tell you everything is wrong, but the grass on the other side is both sweet and green.


I would love to use a stick but, I can’t afford it.
I’ve been using the SFxT Madcatz fightpad and I am decently happy with it. The D-pad is kind of a mix between the joystick and d-pad on an xbox controller. It took me a little getting used to. I still don’t like the d-pad very much. I miss inputs more than I should. (It could just be my fault though) No signs of the fightpad breaking or being faulty. I’ve had it for about 3 or 4 months.


you can even use a keyboard like this Zangief user here



They do sell Hitboxes, which are basically fightstick without a stick, you just have buttons for :u::d:L and R. And there was that guy who showed up at EVO this year with an actual keyboard as his controller.


don’t do it man - well maybe with the new sfxtekken ones since they are smaller but… i’ve tried them all and you just can’t beat a fightstick, or the original 360/ps3 controller. i swear those fightpads are a waste of money.


I got a SFxT Pro Line stick off for 99$ shipped… probably the best deal out there right now for a solid stick with all sanwa parts.

It is going to be my first stick too.


that is a pretty solid deal…


you can use a keyboard and mouse on console as well


Well I just saw this while looking around for something to use.

Has anyone used the d-pad on this gamepad?

And for the record I do not own a fight stick I just borrow a friend’s TE from time to time.

Thanks for all the input guys! Had a casual fightinf game day on Sunday. Did pretty well with the DS3. Still terrible with the fightsticks however due to the layout and being unfamiliar with them.