Fightpads and Mods


Foreword: “Play on stick” isn’t helpful advice. If it were, I wouldn’t have posted this.

A friend of mine uses the Madcatz XTekken 6-button pad (360), and it’s adequate. But the buttons and pad lack sensitivity and seem to wear out quickly - especially the d-pad. Can anyone suggest a better pad that has more sensitivity and/or durability? I went through another thread about pads and a lot of the links were 404’d, but several people suggested the USB Play SEGA pad which emulates a SEGA Saturn 6-button. The problem is that the top buttons are much smaller which could make fighting a problem. At one tournie someone had a grey USB pad with uniform buttons and an analog stick instead of a d-pad, but it looked like some bargain bin item with no defined markings.

Alternately, information on modding the XTekken pad with better buttons and d-pad would be equally useful. If anyone has links to buy replacements of the oversized face buttons or replacement/better d-pad, please post.

He plays primarily on Steam/PC, so there’s no console restriction. Any links and info are helpful.


Common/recent 6-button controllers:

  • any Saturn controller of sorts (unofficial ones are of questionable quality, like the ones from “Play SEGA”)
  • Mad Catz SF4 Fightpad
  • Mad Catz SFxT Fightpad
  • Mad Catz Brawlpad
  • PDP Versus pad (d-pad/stick wears down very quickly due to dust buildup; it’s not an analog-stick, but a microswitched slider-D-pad)
  • Hori Fighting Commander 3
  • Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro
  • Hori Fighting Commander 4

They all have varying levels of build integrity and durability, but keep in mind that none will have SNES-controller-level of long-term lasting durability.

I’m personally on the side of Hori and their Fighting Commanders; many pad-warriors have said the D-pad dies just as quickly as the Mad Catz ones, but I haven’t had any issues with mine. Though keep in mind that I am primarily a stick-player, and I use my Hori FC3Pro mainly for emulation, or when carrying a stick is not practical.


The best pad I ever had was the PlayStation 1 pad, but that might not be an option for you.
Best 360 pad I hhaveis the PDP vs pad. Caveats being it is a personal opinion and the edge of the stick well is wearing a groove into the stick’s body. The micro switched stick and buttons are worth the cosmetic flaw though.


Thanks to both of you. After shopping around I found a HORI FC 4 for around $50 w/ shipping from Japan. My friend is going to purchase it ASAP.

If anyone would like to contribute further for other users who are looking for similar info, please continue to do so.


fightpads can be maintained to last longer. the depolymerization of the dpad and face button membranes can be slowed by lightly coating them every month or so with some silicone grease. the same goes for the rubber grips on analog thumbsticks. if you’re springing for an import pad it would be a good idea to keep the maintenance up. just be careful not to get grease on the conductive bits of the membranes, that’ll mess up your inputs.