Fightpads for xbox 360 - available in Australia?


Hey guys, I’ve signed on specifically to ask this question. I have been trying for yonks to find a fightpad for the x-box 360. I can play with the standard controller ok but I can only perform fireballs or DP’s efficiently like 80% of the time. However, I’ve found that most online shops which sell fight pads don’t ship outside the U.S. Do any fellow aussies know a place where I can purchase these pads? Whether a website or store I can order them from?

Fake edit: I’ve never been able to use the stick, and I’m not in a position to compete competitively so fight pads are more then sufficient for me at this stage (just incase anyone asks)


just ebay it? thats probably the easiest option, i got a stick because well i want to get good and maybe do a couple of tourneys, will be a LONG time from now before that happens…


man i feel your pain, although I wasn’t looking to buy a fightpad. After searching the net far and wide, I bit the bullet and ordered the Madcatz TE round 2 stick from JB for bloody $285:(


i paid 150 for my SE but im probably going to mod with sanwa parts, good enough for me, didn’t think this thing would be so heavy


Man, if you think the SE is heavy the TE weighs a ton compared to the SE. A mate of mine has a SE, he changed all buttons and stick to Sanwa, his loving it now atm. Where you from Tikki? Add me if you want, I’m always down for a game, PSN: kay_nock


I bit the bullet and brought a TE-S from capcom store and I am in australia, think it cost me 240Aud in the end. But I did buy a TE Round 2 from pccasegear and they are located in Melbourne, they sell them for 249 aud still cheaper than JBHifi. I am in QLD so normally more expensive to my regional area.


It seemed that when I ordered it, I really couldn’t find any other viable or cheaper options. lol its funny though its always when u’ve paid already you find cheaper prices everywhere!! sigh but really even though it sounds like i’m bitching and moaning, I really enjoy using the TE :stuck_out_tongue:


are u guys referring to pads or sticks? i know some sticks are available but i cant seem to find pads anywhere.


I honestly haven’t found any pads for sale other than on ebay for us. Sticks are our only choice from retailers and there is only 2 places I could find selling even those


The same UK eBay seller that a lot of Aussies have been buying TE-S sticks from also sells Madcatz Fightpads. Should cost just over AU$50 shipped:
eBay Australia Store ? gamesbites: Search results for mad catz.

For a pad warrior, you certainly play a mean Guile.


I purchased the mad catz fightpad for a pad hack from that exact store that zaneiken linked.

Took about 3 weeks to get to my door (others have had much better luck, as quick as 4 working days). It cost me roughly over 50 dollars shipped… the fightpads are the best for pad hacking… no inverters needed :slight_smile:


Aaaaaaawesome, I’ve emailed them to see if they have any in stock. Fingers crossed, as I havent been able to find anywhere else that may sell them