Fightstick advice

Hi guys, just looking for a bit of advice.

I’m seriously considering getting a Mad Catz Streetfighter x Tekken pro cross fightstick to use for this game. I used to own a TE SF4 round 2 fightstick a while ago for the 360 but sadly had to part with it.

What I’d like to know is, would buying a fightstick for use solely on the PC be a worthy investment? I’m a bit concerned that the fighting game scene on the PC won’t be supported well enough in the future to warrant such a purchase. I understand that Capcom have said that they will try and release their future titles on PC as well as console but I’ve heard that Streetfighter x Tekken wasn’t a good version for PC.

There are other factors too such as rumours of cheaters (using macro’s) on PC which also puts me off investing the time and effort.

Anyone else buy a stick for use on PC?

A lot of people have. If there’s a fighting game that you want to play on PC, it’s a worthwhile investment. Even if it’s not supported very well in the future (doubtful), just throw on an emulator and get all that oldschool fighting game goodness.