FightStick Art Printing

Ok i live in New York City and im new to this fightstick art
I Have a Street Fighter 4 Stick 20th ani
i used a template for it and edited with photoshop cs6 , its done now and I want to print
i seen a website and i do not wanna wait 2 weeks for it to come in.
Any Solutions on what to do and what does it get printed on Plexii glass? confused here
Pulling off the First Art that was on the stick originally was a pain would it be the same material?
Where do i Print it at and Get the Circles cut

[s]It would be preferable if you can ask quick questions over here. Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

But back onto the subject. You can print your art at a Fedex printing shop, Kinkos, or possibly Office Depot.

You want to ask for lamilabel and a sharp X-Acto knife will come in handy.

That should help but there was a better tutorial called How To: Add Custom Art to Your SE FightStick but the user got removed…[/s]

I’ll just add that I’ve done the Kinkos lamilabel thing for my last stick, which at the time was the overwhelmingly popular option, and it was a huge mistake. The cut wasn’t awful but is definitely jagged in places and imprecise. The lamination’s around the cut has held up better than I would have expected seeing as it’s like 5 years old, but it was only a couple months until it started to separate slightly from the art around the screws (presumably because of the pressure). Trying to get it on straight was a pain, just in general I would avoid it. Now you can get a plexi top for almost any stick for about $20 and the art printed and cut by machine. I’m going that route, once I finalize my design, through I say better to wait the two weeks, have it done right, and be able to easily change it down the road versus having to have it right this minute. Otherwise you’ll be like me, four or five years down the line trying to sell a stick with art of a character/franchise/whatever that only you want stuck on it.

They dont have it for Madcatz Se

Like I said in the quick question thread. There is no print for the SE on Tek, nor does have a plexi for it because of the issues.

You’ll have to print it on lamilabel from your local print shop. In the states, there is FedEx, Kinkos, and Office Depot.