Fightstick art request. [Hori Real Arcade Pro EX]


It seems that its really hard to find people that can make art, let alone good art. So I have come to the people of SRK. Anyway, I wanted art of Adon (with SSFIV’s upcoming release.) I also wanted my name on there somewhere. Just “Shine” snuck in there somewhere. It really doesn’t matter if you use SSFIV art or Alpha art. Hell, use them both if you want. But im leaving alot of creativity up to the designers, because im not very creative myself. Pretty much all i want is Adon and my name. The rest is up to you guys. (That is if anyone does it of course). If theres any additional details you need then pm me. I believe thats all you need, as the title says its a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX. Anyway, thanks in advance.


Something like this?:

I think that’s the right template = p. Lemme know.


Yea thats awesome. I might be seeing things but is that a sun behind adon? That is sick. But it would look so much better without the bottom right white area. But if you can get rid of it you could just fill it in with the background are thats already on there cant you?


PM received, done and done ^^.