fightstick art request

Request thread is closed so ithought I would try here, have art and ideas just need someone to throw a full plexi together for me so I can order my buttons and such to match, thanks

Give some more details then bop. Where’s the art, what’s the idea, and what size?

2nd-ed. This should be a standard for all art requests. More often than not, the more specific the request, the better the art.


And this:

Maybe the first one in the bottom left under the stick and the second one in the background. I can get clear buttons if i need to. cut sak out of the second photo and find a colour scheme that works well. If the first picture just looks terrible no matter how you flip/ rotate it just scrap it and use the second one as the main one if possible. Try to keep the colours as gender neutral as possible, purple is ok, but not a lot of pink and in the bottom right my User Name. As far as the background goes thats where i get stuck on photoshop whatever flashy stuff or cool effects you want to throw on there feel free.

this is the template i need: with the middle screws omitted

Really i just want something cool i can show off at tourneys. Since i’m the only sak player in my area it has to look twice as good as everyone elses sticks.

No idea on this one but if you feel like it you can make a cute dustwasher to go on it as well, but this isn’t that important

Your PSD file is just the TE stick right(with middle screws omitted)? Either way, you can move the background, I just used my own TE file.

I don’t think the small image of her would work well, and you want the main more towards the left. So, I went with something like this. LBC demands me to practice vector art, and you’re the victim of my practice! I couldn’t settle on a final color, but the green looked hot(brownish yellow looked good too, but not many people like it). Had to keep slapping my hand away from pink ^___^, which would be perfect:

Aoi, too beastly good sir.

It’s the TE extended art, so i’m not using the bezel and the art goes to the edge of the stick. So more room in the corners and to the left and right. Otherwise i like it :slight_smile: what did the brown yellow version look like?

Download HERE

Alright, moved both backgrounds over to your template, so you can decide there ~.^

Hey whats up, Im looking for some artwork for my agetec stick, I would like a Skulls and Death theme or something of that nature i want to make use of my custom skull balltop i have. I would really appreciate it!

custom art

@ sepu7v3da-jin
hey there, im a graphic designer and i would be willing to do a custom design for you, if you’re still looking.

hey giuys im new here but i have a mvc2 request for a hori real arcade pro ex-se
im a noob so i dont know if theres anything else i need haha

hey giuys im new here but i have a mvc2 request for a hori real arcade pro ex-se
im a noob so i dont know if theres anything else i need haha