Fightstick Artist Network [No image quoting please]

Hi all,

In Tech Talk, we have an [Official Arcade Artwork](The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING! thread and a [Offical Arcade Stick](Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting) thread. There is even a [Modders/Builders In Your Area](Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post thread, which is a great service.

There are lots of good artists that post in the FightStick Artwork thread, but not everyone knows whether they are available for work, what their terms are, whether they charge and how much. In this thread, I wanted to highlight FightStick artists, list their services, post examples of their work and contact information so you could get in touch with them, or see more examples.

To keep things organized, I’d like to provide a guide on what commenters could post and in what order. You’ll find all of it in the spoiler drop down:


Name/Alias or SRK Handle (if you have an alias or handle you use in SRK forums, you can include it here)
Contact information (Confirm whether SRK PM handle is the best way to reach you, or another method of contact)
Description (Background, what makes your services unique, etc. up to 4 sentences for brevity).
Pricing (Fightstick Artwork - per unit; control panel or dustwasher etch art - if applicable)
Geographic Location (USA, Europe, Australia, etc)
Do you also create etch artwork for plexi? (Yes/No)
Can you create designs for custom dustwashers? (Yes/No)
Link to portfolio or service website (if applicable)
Additional notes (Turnaround time, special information, work ethic, etc.)
Link to examples of your work (up to 5 images maximum, try to keep at 1024px wide)


As posts are added, I’ll update the main thread with quick links to each artist, separated by geographic location and in the order he/she appears in the comment. So if you’re on page XX and want to see the entire list, drop by page 1.

Because I see it in the other threads, and it makes sense, I recommend if you’re quoting a post with images, to remove the image URLs so they don’t clog up the thread. :#

I don’t know whether this will take off, get buried, or get disrupted somehow, but I figure it’s worth a shot. Thanks!

There used to be a similar thread like this in Image Mishmash, but I guess no one goes there anymore since it’s been dead for ages.

With that being the case then, I can only hope this one in TT gets some attention. If nothing else then people looking for help with FightStick art know what terms, costs and talent is available to them. This saves artist from repeating themselves in multiple PMs about this, or even having to answer PMs if they aren’t available for commissions.

Great idea, you should post the ones you have collected already.

Hi Bryan - I’ll ask for permission to post their information here.

A stick with no names is just a stick

Vicko - Bryan, and others from PAS: I hope we’ll have a list started here and if possible, no drama. If not, I’ll continue to add names to the other list. Vicko, if you know of someone that could add their name here, I’ll look forward to it. We’ll want to keep the thread specifically for those listings, much like the “modders in your area” list.

I misread your comment and thought you had to get permission to post their stick, didn’t realize you were talking about contact info for artists. my bad!

Right - I need to ask those who posted on the other list for permission to post their information here. They may comply or visit the thread themselves and repost.