Fightstick availability in Canada?

Does anybody know where I can get a good fightstick in Canada? And also, how the hell would I go about ordering the EX fightstick from Hori?


Well, from what I know, there are no fightsticks available anywhere in Canada. Last week a shipment of TE’s came but there were only for people who pre ordered.
I dont know when the next batch will come, but we can only hope it comes soon.
I called basically most of the eb games in my city, and none of them have any, and dont know when its coming.

The only fightsticks you’ll see in Canada are people selling them on craigslist, kijii, or…but I doubt that you want to spend 300 + for one…lol

Damn, that sucks bad. All I can hope for is to buy a stick off the net

Sign up for updates so you’ll know when the stick will be available.
The status of the hori ex2 has been unavailable for almost a month and a half now.
Im planning on grabbing one of these as well once they restock.
Its a cheap stick but I heard it plays good. Its only 59.99, so if I were you, I’d sign up for updates now so you’d be one of the first to be notified and so you can get it asap.

Hmm I might go for it but I really would prefer an eight button dash because I use the LP,MP,HP and LK,MK,HK buttons a lot.

As far as the MadCatz Fightstick, there’s a great thread over in Canada: Discussion and Matchmaking:

For other ones like the HRAP EX and that, look around at your local arcade and video game shops. I came across a number of them at Hi Tek Game Traders in Saskatoon. Of course, they were $200 CAD, but it’s better than what you’d pay on ebay

I bought an FS3 from about a month ago. They are out of stock right now but they have the SEs available now for PS3. But the problem with the company is all the prices are in US, they charge shipping in US, they even charge tax in US funds. They are fast to fill and ship orders but those US dollars are just killing me. They have the PS3 SE listed for $96.95 US.

I sent them an email last week asking about HRAPs or SF TEs – and they said they should be available early May. They didn’t specify which for which systems though…

If anyone knows any other online retailers I would appreciate it.

man 100$usd… but gamersection is great , fast and reliable.

I’m guessing you are looking for a 360 version? I’m in Calgary, I have a 360 SE and Hori EX2 that I don’t need.

I’ve found myself a brand new, unopened SFIV SE stick in Montreal for 150$ (taxes included and all). I’m rather new to sticks, so I was wondering if it was worth it, or if I’d be better off buying another perhaps better stick for about the same price?

Great stick

I have a preorder on a TE stick but got tired of waiting and got a custom ordered stick from China ;).

I used this guy (that’s his msn if anyone is interested).

He doesn’t speak tons of english, but he will understand the order and quickly responds to questions.

He was recommended to me through this forum and from my experience I would recommend him myself.

The total price of my order (including shipping and everything) was about 250, but I got a 360 stick with a headphone jack and a sanwa stick with semeitsu buttons (which are extra…the sanwa buttons are cheaper oddly). The shipping company they used didn’t hit me with brokerage fees or taxes at the border so that’s an upside.

I just throw this out there for anyone in canada looking for a premium stick and who doesn’t want to keep waiting for a TE stick.

myself i love madcatz stick i got both SE and TE versus friends or online is alot better then a controller, 150$ is not as bad as on ebay for over 180 with shipping.

I had a TE pre-ordered and never got one… I went into eb the other day and cancelled my pre-order cause the lady said they were probably not going to be getting any at all. Something to do with the supplier or whatever. So an hour after I cancelled my order she calls me up and says they got some in… that would have made my day but it was the SE. I decided not to get it… when I got home I called some other eb stores to see whats going on, and most of the said they will be getting them in. So now I lost my pre-order for the TE!