Fightstick Awkwardness

hey everyone!

i got my fightstick in the mail today ( se madcatz ) and i was really excited.
when i plugged it in and tried it out i felt as if i had no control over sakura at all!
its just so awkward and frustrating to know that i suck on the 80 dollar fightstick but can pwn random LIVE trash with the 360 controller…

does anyone that has a fightstick have any tips on how to control it better or how to hold it and such it would be a great help.

There’s all kind of grips you can use. Some people just use their thumb and their forefinger and move it around. There’s so many ways used, just find what feels comfortable to you. I put the stick between the middle and ring finger like a wineglass.

You just have to keep using it to get better. Spend time in practice mode. It’ll take time but it should be worth it if you keep working at it and you should end up with more control than the 360 controller.

Ouch, sounds like a tough learning curve. :slight_smile: I ordered my own stick today too, but I’ll be lucky to get to use it before Thursday. Happy to hear I’ll suck even more for a while while I get used to it, heh.
I just hope it will be less seemingly random than the 360 analogue stick, the number of times I’ve done a>shoryu and got a fireball instead I could cry. I still haven’t solved the problem in fast games of accidently crossing myself up and throwing an otoshi instead of a shunpu too. ; ;

I actually ended up purchasing both an SE and TE stick… I continue to use the PS3 controller because I found both sticks to be too sensitive for my taste

thanks for the replies!

btw anyone who has the SE stick can u tell me if ur stick is a little wobbly? cause when i wiggle my stick (not enough to move ) its not stiff… would gluing the washer down solve this? it doesnt effect my play it just feels a little cheap.

do challenge modes - i was like u, wanting to throw my hori and go back to my ps3 controller.
it takes a few days to get the feel, but once u pass a point u’ll never go back. also try and execute with as clean inputs as possible - u can watch this in training mode.

Its going to take a lot of practice to get it down. Hours, days, weeks. Keep at it though!

k thanks ill try that… im starting to feel for it more but i still get confused in matches cause i dnt know the button placement yet, ive already ported alot of my original combos over but i still have to put them to test in a real match

i was the same way when i first started using a stick. I had a hard time deciding which fingers to use for which buttons lol. but i finally got it after a couple weeks

yeah I’m in the same boat right now with a new TE. I think I’ve gotten over the worst of it but I’ve still got a long way to go.

btw how do you guys use 2K to do your ex.tatsus? I’ve been having a really hard time with it and just stuck to using the forth K with my pinky. Problem is sometimes I shift my hand over with it and I’m off by one input lol

when i use my brothers fightstick i seem to do otoshis even though i went for the tatsu

Hover your hand over the buttons, you only have 5 fingers and there are 8 buttons. Use more wrist and dont dedicate fingers to static positions. Two buttons can easily be pressed using two fingers.

I always use my pinky to hit KKK

figure out a comfortable way to hold the stick, but will not mess up your way of executing moves.
make sure to press the buttons :wink:
and you’ll be fine

i actually use my thumb for lk and pointer for lp
middle finger for both mp and kick… unless if i’m going to FADC something i use the thumb for mk
and my ring finger for the hp and hk
i don’t use the PPP or KKK, but if you need to just use a finger that helps.

This has been happening a lot to me recently. I bounced into training mode and turned inputs on. No clue. No one is changing sides but sometimes I’ll input a down forward then the QCB and K and it gives me the Otoshi. Seriously, what the fuck. I can understand if I went DF, D, DF, QCB K MAYBE, but with only 1 DF input it gives me the Otoshi even when I complete the QCB.

Infuriating :annoy:

Yeah, prophets, the shortcut system sucks. I get this sometimes too when it makes no sense for otoshi to come out. Only suggestion is to try hitting neutral before the QCB in situations where you have the time to think about it.

Thanks Capcom, being scrub friendly is clearly more important than game balance. =/

As for getting used to stick, what other people said is truth, you really have to stay with it a while. I had execution issues for a while after playing the Alpha series on Saturn all the time, even though on pad I could do just fine. Spend time in training mode or something, try to get down progressively more difficult combos and such, basically make sure you can do one thing consistently to get yourself used to how to move, then go on to the next. Going back through trial mode would probably actually be really useful for this too.

ive been in training mode for almost 3 days strait now lol…

i havnt even touched xbox live cause im still a lil undeceive.

im gettin my combos down and then fighting computers on hardest ( eventhough theyre hella cheap ) helps out alot though.

I wish there was a way to turn the shortcuts off but I do like the, d, df.hp.srk haha. Maybe turn that shit off for certain moves because it ONLY happens with the Otoshi

I 'll buy that TE stick from you if its on ps3!

what is QCB