Fightstick build time!

Just recieved most my hardware for my buttercade bomber build! Case arrives friday, have some plungers from arcadeshock coming in as well as there was a little mix up in the order. Very excited to try out the optical hori lever and my first link shaft. Japanese setups are not my normal go to so excited about this lightweight setup I’ll be building!

I’ll update this thread as more parts arrive and to the end of the build. No tutorials mainly just pics of everything.

The Link is quite the nice accessory for mobility. I kickstarted the first release and been using it for years.

Need to obtain one for my Qanba Drone that I added more reliable parts to years ago. I have entirely too many arcade sticks for a recreational enthusiast. Old habits die hard?

What is the bat top made of? I tried swapping out one on my Drone, I have an aluminum bat top on my other Qanba stick; but the enamel one I purchased was too heavy for the spring I was using. I’m leaning toward purchasing an aluminum bat for that one as well since it gets hot in my house during summer and the metal remains cool in the hand as well as being lightweight.

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I can’t wait to see it and hear your impressions brother!

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@butteroj Just got the butter bomber case in!!! Its looking good but I’m all dirty head to toe in concrete so I’ll wait till morning to start assembling everything! Very excited about the case. Great price, great shipping, great boxing, anti scratch plastic on the butterbomber. I’d say very professionally packaged and the over all quality of the acrylic is marvelous. For the price and hardware included very very happy. Thank u for the stickers as well. Cant wait to buy another case and il optic. U have everything I like lol. Not much support for usa products till now!! I’ll be in contact with u in another week or two for another butterbomber fightstick and optical il order. Very pleased with everything. I cant remember not paying a arm and leg for a fightstick case, these things have came a long way since tek innovations. Edge’s are smoothed and routed, and acrylic is way beefier and design for structural integrity has vastly improved. Being a carpenter and a cement mason I know good build quality and this is good build quality. Staggered locking corners ect. Will post pics when I get to it tomorrow. Its gonna be a busy day hopefully I can finish it and still waiting on button plungers from arcadeshock. More pics to come.

Update: Mocked up my parts to see how everything will look. The blue plungers are wrong just waiting on the right plungers to come in the mail. Very clean build and easy to assemble. The screw set had one smaller torx 6 size in the kit I think got messed up with the torx 8. I’m one screw short on the body panel but I’ll go to my local hardware store and try to find a torx t8 screw the same size. Very happy. Next will have to decide what I want to do for artwork.


This one is a see through acrylic. I have a friend who’s into hobbies and she’s making me some glow in the dark florescent balltop skulls. I’m just waiting on a bigger skull mold. I’ll have a couple made up and sell some here if people like them. I’ll wait till my custom balltop is done so I can check it out if your into something different. I was leaning on this or was thi king of putting a hurst shifter knob. Like driving a manual baby lol.

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