Fightstick button help


First of all hello, I am new here.
I have been a spectator of fighting games for the last 3 years, but I have never been able to get in to them mainly because been an arena shooter player I could never just sit and train on games like street fighter.
But a few days ago Injustice went on sale on steam so I thought I have nothing to lose.
So far I am in love, I feel like the game over all is a lot more simple to get in to and because of this I am training everyday and want to move to fighting games full time.
How ever because pc feels rather baron online I finally put the money in for a fightstick with the intent that once I am good with it, I can just transition over platforms as I clearly can’t use my keyboard on a ps4 or 360 haha.

I picked up the tournament edition (red one) from someone that had never really used it for fairly low cost.
The only issue I am having is that moving from playing on a mechanical keyboard with mx blues which landed a very clean key press, to the sanwa keys that feel like the wind could press them down is a let down in satisfaction.
I am aware that you can replace buttons and I am aware that some buttons come with mx switches in them, but that is as far as my knowledge goes.

What buttons can I use in this stick, and will blue switches give the same resistance and click as the blues from my keyboard.


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  1. You don’t want resistance and click in arcade stick buttons. You need to get over your mechanical keyboard hangups; you’re not playing a pc game.

  2. This sort of question is best answered in tech talk. Moving.


You could get Gamerfinger buttons that use the Cherry MX switches you like. They’re pricey, but the customization is nice and the switches are supposed to last way longer than Sanwa or Seimitsu switches.


They look good. Are the connectors at the back going to be okay? I don’t really know much about this stuff.


Thank you for moving this.

In reply to 1 though, surly having resistance is personal preference? I mean the way the buttons are at the moment I don’t like at all.
And also they wouldn’t make them with resistance if there was no point having it or if people didn’t prefer them.


I don’t have any myself, but according to FA’s product description, they use the same .110" connections as the Sanwa buttons in your TE stick, meaning it would be a simple swap. I have heard that the buttons themselves are a very tight fit, so don’t be surprised if they’re difficult to get into the panel if you buy some. And yes, it boils down to personal preference.

  1. It really depends on how much resistance. When you’re talking games with one-frame links, added resistance slows you down. Roll cancels are a lot easier on Japanese buttons than American, for example.

  2. You’re coming into fighting games/sticks with a huge bias. You really aren’t good enough at fighting games to know why you would like or dislike something.

  3. A lot of old clicky buttons with resistance (e.g. American parts) we developed before competitive fighting games were even a concept. Their point was to survive a lot of mashing without replacement, not precision/quick response.


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if u want stiffer buttons i suggest seimitsu ps-14-g. ez to obtain and godlike =)


I agree with everything stated above.

Yes it is a matter of preference and you are free to choose whatever part you may like for your fightstick. I would suggest you attempt to adjust to the difference, however, if you do decide to go with the button change, retain the originals in the event that your mind changes later.


I’d advise starting out with the most common stuff:
JLF with standard spring and actuator
Convex sanwas
Vewlix/astro/other standard cabinet button layout

Personal preference is great, but I’d advise starting from an arcade-standard datum.

As mentioned, it’s early in the game to be committing to high resistance buttons, especially if you’re just learning links etc. Start simple and experiment with the stick once you know what your needs are going to be.

Also, if you learn on a standard stick, you’ll feel more comfortable playing on other sticks in clubs/arcades/your mate’s house.

My sticks aren’t fully standard anymore, but when I go back to them it isn’t daunting. Knowing nothing but stiffer MXes might leave you stranded if you’re without your stick.


For the record there is no concave Sanwa buttons.


Haha stated convex for specificity, since I’m personally a fan of the flatter seimi’s


I second the starting with the standard. I moved from a pad to a stick with the 09’ers.

I figured a tighter spring and a lesser throw on the stick would give me more of a dpad feel.

Made easy shit harder, was dropping easy stuff like rekkas left and right.

I stuck with it for a while, and ended up at a gathering and used a stock stick again. Felt like the training wheels came off.

Edit: I know the stick wasnt the point of discussion, but the theory felt relevant