Fightstick buttons not working all the time?

I bought this stick not to long and it used to work fine. Now however I can only play for so long before it stops registering my button hits. This makes playing Marvel online pretty much impossible.


more information
you can’t just expect us to magically know which buttons don’t work or what kind of stick you may have
describe a detailed scenario of when it works and when it doesn’t work and try to replicate this scenario consistenly
also give a description of which buttons don’t work
also tell us what stick you have

Basically when I playing during the middle of a match my X button will stop working and not responed to me hitting it. this always includes many others buttons like the start button

What type of stick is it? Lets start with that.

I’m having the same trouble. I have the first edition of the Madcatz SFIV TE fight stick.

The PS Home button still works and the joystick still registers, but the buttons don’t register at all anymore. I opened up the stick and none of the wires are disconnected and I even reconnected the wires on the bottom of the X button as well.

Any idea what the problem could be?

You have the first edition, it could either be your PCB, or it could be the buttons. You might want to test out some new buttons on it. They are about 3.00 a piece at Tell Jaleel that Crimson referred you.

I’ll definitely look into the new buttons and have been wanting to get some new ones. I’ll definitely use that referral.

If the problem was the PCB, what would you recommend I do?

Thanks in advance!

You might just want to re-order a new stick. There are a bunch of options right now for quality sticks. Otherwise if you want to go through a modification process, you can rewire a Madcatz Fightpad to it. These pads cost about 20-30 bucks depending on where you buy it. You might want to look up some guides on how to padhack it, but to be honest I would just pick up a new stick and sell your stick as is for about 70 bucks or so.

Heres the one I use

I will let somebody else answer questions on that joystick as I have no experience with that stick.

I just have a hunch that it’s the PCB and not the buttons. I’m still going to order the buttons and try them out–it’s always good to have extra buttons lying around anyway–but, I’m curious as to what options I have for sticks if the buttons don’t fix the issue. I really like hori sticks and the TE stick I’ve been playing on for a couple of years now.

Are most of the quality sticks with these brands\parts more than $100?

Yes. You can order new parts and install them in a brawl stick, but it would still be equaling up to about 110. You don’t want a brawl/SE stick that long as it is stiff and not quality.

To be honest, the hori sticks are not bad and if you are looking for something new, try out the new Soul Calibur V stick by them. My buddy picked it up and I find it to be a fantastic stick.

Currently, I sold 2 of my Madcatz Round 1 Tournament Edition (1st batch) sticks.
What I own are:

  1. Qanba Q4RAF
  2. Soul Calibur V Madcatz Tournament Edition Stick
  3. Custom Happ/MAS joystick.

All are Xbox except for the RAF which works on the PS3 as well.

These are quality sticks. They ranged from 120-200.

The Happ is custom and it has parts in which you would find at an arcade or something like an arcade. (Bodega, etc.)

Get a stick that fits you, but don’t cheapen out.

Checkin’ out that Qanba Q4RAF and I like the idea of having a 3-in-1. I don’t own a 360, but I do own a PS3 and I would like to play on PC as well. It also has Sanwa parts in it that can be easily interchangeable? This sounds like my kind of stick and I see price on for $140. That’s not bad at all.

The only thing I’m concerned with on the stick is having start on top of the stick.

It reminds me of the Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA. I have no worries because I don’t even hit the two buttons on the left and right. I ordered my stick from Arcade Shock. It was this one for I think 189+19 shipping.

Yes, all the quality sticks will cost you $150 to $200 if bought new. TE pcbs are hard to come by outside of a new stick, if you have a bad TE PCB that’s out of warranty your cheapest solution will probably be to just go ahead and mod it with a Cthulhu pcb from What model of Cthulhu you go with will depend on your needs. If you don’t want to mess with multi-console features (older consoles) then I’d suggest the Chimp SMD as it’s not too expensive, and can be dual modded with a 360 pcb if you choose to add one.

So does anyone know how I can fix problem other than buying a new stick?

Look in the ‘Need a modder in your area?’ thread or one of the modder threads in Trading Outlet. Tell them you have a Mayflash joystick that needs a PCB swap out (MC Cthulhu recommended so you get to keep the same cord and supported consoles) and possibly a button swap if you’re willing to pay for the work.

Does your stick have Quick Disconnect wires? Are they soldered on to the buttons? Let me know.

Best way to check your TE stick is to open it up from the top (use a 3’ hex key) and check. To check if it’s the buttons, disconnect them from the wires and then touch the ends of similar coloured wires together and see if those activate the buttons. If they don’t then it’s the PCB.