Fightstick buttons now unrepsonsive

I’ve recently gotten myself an OUYA and figured i’d use both my 360 SSFIV TE stick and ps3 SFIV stick as inputs for some of the games on there like the neo.emu and such. Today is the first day i’ve plugged either stick into their respective consoles and neither of them work properly. The main issue with both of them is the start and select buttons do not function anymore and neither do the home/dashboard button. Is this something just completely stupid on my part that i’m missing or have they somehow been remapped or something? All the face buttons for fighting work as do the sticks so i’m at a loss as to what’s going on. Is there a way to diagnose either stick on a pc to check for inputs or are they both now bust? If it was one of them i could understand if it was maybe a wiring issue but for both of them to now have the same fault leads me to think i’m never plugging them into my OUYA again.

Ouya has no Start or Select and none of the PS3 or Xbox 360 controllers guide button works on the ouya.
These are characteristics of the Ouya and not the fault of your stick.

Also actual controller compatibility changes from game to game and App to app on the actual Ouya, so games that support a PS3 or Xbox 360 stick or a Wii Remote will not work in others.

Also, if you still (or ever) want to use a computer to confirm, search your computer for joy.cpl (Windows only) and run it. Select your stick, and you can see all of the inputs as lights. OSX has a little 99 cent app that does this, I forget what it’s called, and I don’t know about *nix.

Thanks for the reply. The problem isn’t with OUYA as i can map either stick to any button. The problem is now when i plug them into either the PS3 or the 360 that the buttons don’t work :frowning:

Have you checked to see if your tournament lock switch is set to the “lock” position?

I have now and thankfully it now’s working :stuck_out_tongue: i’ve never once switched it over but it was on it and now all is back to normal. Feel like such a dumbass lol, didn’t know in all the years i’ve had either stick that it would do such a thing. Now i wish i didn’t look at all the lovely sticks i’ve been browsing lol. Thanks for the tip, will have to keep an eye out on it in the future. Thought i had 2 sticks that were now stuck to only playing on my OUYA which would’ve been a rather expensive mistake.