Fightstick Case Questions

What are your thoughts on acrylic cases?

I bought one a couple days ago and the side pieces are… well unusable. Not much hope of getting anything back from the company who I bought it from. So I am thinking of just cutting my losses.

Should I buy a case from Marvelous Customs or b15sdmdesigns? Any input on these would be awesome!

Acrylic cases are fine. They’re light, easy to assemble, and easily customizable.
On the flipside, they’re not for Hulk-smashing.

What was the problem with yours that made the side pieces “unusable”? Which model casing and from which maker? If there’s truly a problem with the manufacturing or even the maker/seller, it would be good to discuss that with the community.

I’m not familiar with Marvelous Customs myself, but B15 makes amazing cases. I wasn’t aware that he was still making cases, though. I thought he had stopped years ago, but maybe that’s just me not having followed.

For right now I don’t want to name and shame. Maybe later in the week hahaha

They were still fused to the original panel they were suppose to be cut out of. I tried to use a razor blade to finish cutting it out but a chamfered edge ended up cracking. So it’s pretty brittle.

I assumed B15 was still around. I saw the store section of the site was still open so I made an assumption. Could be wrong. Honestly I was really just bummed that Art’s hobbies shut it doors right before I tried to order (this was going to be my go to).

*gold star for the username btw!

I’m bummed too that Art closed down shop as well. My brother got a Tek-Case from them years ago and still loves it. I wanted to get one for myself, but I was mainly using other custom cases that I made myself at the time, and the USD-CAD exchange rate didn’t encourage it either. Now I’ll never own one. :expressionless: