Fightstick Design - Sam & Max

This is my Fightstick based on Sam and Max

Yeah, I understand it’s cluttered… It’s supposed to be cluttered, like what you would see on a detective’s desk…

This fightstick is based on Sam and Max. I was VERY limited on materials as there are rarely any good pics of Sam and max, so some stuff was ripped from this website

lol the police badge on the top right corner had no upper right half… When I ripped it, it had no upper right part of it so I spend 30 mins painting and Dodge/burning it.
Most of the other stuff like photographs, I used screenshots. The “Hello, from Rapa Nui” postcard was made from scratch So most of my pics were from the game…

this postcard took me 1.5 hours to make… I thought it would be worth sharing…
In Moai Better Blues, Sam and Max are on Easter Island confronting a volcano god, and stopping a volcano from erupting… So I wanted this to look burnt from the eruption…

(Note: The text says “We had a Blast…”)

How is it? Is there anything I should do to change it?
I feel something is missing, but it may be just me wanting to mess with it lol (maybe some splatter paint will complete it…)


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