Fightstick for left-handed!


It’s not my case but I know about a few left-handed guys who will be really happy for this. I wonder why nobody thought about this issue before…


I have a friend who could benefit from this as he likes to play cross-hand. But, he’s right handed. On the other hand im lefty and couldn’t imagine playing like that. I like having my dominant hand as my stick hand.

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I know this might sound stupid, but can’t you just flip over the metal panel and plexi. …right i forgot about the joystick mounted on. I think one option is to order custom panels from this site.


No, thank you! I looked at that Qanda link and think that the straight button layout is AWFUL.

Both the Viewlix and Astrocade button layouts have the advantage that they follow natural hand curves for fingers. Of course, many people think Astrocade is slightly more ergonomic but both configs are better for your hands in the long run than straight buttons.

As far as joysticks are concerned, you either get used to left-handed sticks OR buy your customized faceplate to get a right-handed option.
You WILL be stuck hauling your own stick to tournaments if the customized stick is all you can use…

I’m luck because I can use either hand. I’m naturally left-handed for most things but have been trained to use my right hand for a number of things (musical instruments, mouse, vehicle operation). I learned to play videogames right-handed in the beginning… that’s the way games were set up in the arcade and on American home consoles until Nintendo standardized the videogame industry around left-handed controllers circa 1987-1988. I’ve kept my right-handed option since that’s what Magnavox (Odyssey 2) and Atari forced me to use originally!


In theory if the panel was symmetrical you could rotate it as opposed to flipping it over but no such panels come to mind so ummm…yeah, custom panel it is.


Why is this a Q2? I don’t get their naming conventions.


Err, i’m left handed, but i can’t see myself using the stick the other way around. I’ve held my TE backwards and it just feels awkward. I’m like this too with guitar hero where i would play normally and not use the lefty switch option.


Lefty here, in my opinion it’s a non-issue. People have definitely thought about it before, but I do agree that it’s nice that a shop/manufacturer would give the option to just buy a southpaw model right from the get go for the people who feel more comfortable with the layout.


TBH straight layout is fine as long as the spacing between buttons isn’t too big.


I´m completely new to these forums and fighting games mostly due to the fact that I´m a pc user, but I´ve always been a HUGE fan. I just recently, ( a week and a half), found out that SSF4 was available on pc!! (why did´nt I know that before?? hmm way to much skyrim) oh happy day!! have´t even touched another game since, haven’t slept much either…As a lefty myself, there is almost ZERO, gaming gear left hand specific, which is a shame. AS a beginner, I just started to use my trusty XBOX controller… but we all know how that goes :/… SO I got myself the php fightpad, which seems to working out ok, and since, I´ve actually won 9 ranked matches online!! HEEEHAAA!! (I´m not going to mention how many I´ve lost though… ;OP) Now I´ve seen how much moding you actually can do on one of those pro fight-sticks!! and that got me thinking, since I´m a beginner AND a lefty I´m not really “used” to using anything fighty acardy type thing-ama-bob, so if I modded my upcoming TE stick ( Yes I did order a very nice stick TE, Like I said, I REALLY like fighting games, hmm how nerdy is that just after a little under 2 weeks of SSF4 :P… PS… please don´t tell my wife, dam thing was expensive! SHHH)… anyway I´m planning on modding it out to using the stick in my right hand, I and it´ll only take a minimum of getting used to. AS I say to most leftys I talk to who are in doubt, I´d rather take the little time to getting used to using your real hand( left) and potently becoming a great player,( think about Jimmy Hendrix) than just settling or adapting to a standard and staying a mediocre one. Anyway I also plan on doing some Utube videos on the subject, gonna b lots of fun no matter what, I´m sure of that.

P.s. I´m quite aware that there are probably alot of lefties out there do use the standards and are by no means mediocre, no offense intended. My comments here are only meant as a kind of pep talk to newbies like myself, that want to get into this type of gaming, but don´t just because he/she don´t believe they can be competitive, because of the lack of left handed friendly Fightsticks/pads.


Just wanted to write a quick, update … I have received my TE fightstick and decided to mirror everything, except for the xbox menu buttons( or whatever they are called) so I use the joystick in my right hand. I´m still very new so my game is still very basic, but the overall control is very good, and the moments feel very natural to me. I only finished it yesterday after some internal modding, but so far, I think my muscle memory is better, and after only 3-4 hours of “left handed” play I can almost do all the combos I could, after a week with the normal stick… :O)( I´ll post some pictures at some point so you can see it :slight_smile:


This is a right-handed stick. I’m right-handed and I build all of my custom sticks this way.


ok? but what does that have to do with anything in this thread m8??


Data Beast is trying to say he is not a lefty but he still used a right handed joystick. In the end is matter of preferences. In the end it is all about what you are willing to play or train with it. xD


aaah, ok I just misunderstood, thx for clearing that up


Version 2 of this should have the panels split in half. In order to remove the need to flip the button panel around or upside-down, they should make it a bit more ergo and mirrored. Something like the SCV layout, but no curves for the 2 middle sets (mediums and hards). So more like perfect trapezoids for both punches and kicks. Cool product though, considering virtually no one else has thought to try this type of thing. There was some white joystick I saw a while back that allowed you to pop out the button panel and just change the layout. I thought that was an interesting concept.