Fightstick for PC


so please dont´t be to hard to me, I´m completely new to … actually all of this.

So I wanna get a “Mad Catz SXT Arcade Fightstick PRO Cross/Line” they only have the PS3 version in stock I´ve tried to google some information if that stick works on my PC or not, but couldn´t find anything.

Can you guys help me out on this one…?

So I found something about that “All MadCatz fightsticks for Xbox 360” should work fine for PC, can anybody confirm that?

I don´t really want to buy one and it´s not working in the end! :slight_smile:

Welcome to SRK.

Both should be fine on a PC. Some earlier PS3 sticks had issues with certain MB chipsets, but I’m pretty sure the SxT version is new enough to have fixed that. Xbox 360 sticks generally work fine on any modern computer.

If you want to double check, you can always ask in the absolute newbie thread in tech talk.

I’m going to give you the advice of buying an xbox one.
I have a PS3 stick on a Cthulhu, so I just assumed "Oh, this works, why wouldn’t the MadCatz one work?"
I bought the Sanrio one from last November, which is fairly new… Doesn’t work on my PC. It’s an older PC, but even still, the fact that it doesn’t work turns me off from saying they work. That said, my buddy’s Xbox one works fine on it, and it’s the first model.

JoyToKey works with my ps3 pad but I haven’t tried it with a stick yet. I’ll see if it works and let you know after work because I’m sort of interested too

The Xbox Madcatz sticks do work for PC, thought you might want to look into Qanba as their sticks work on PC and both consoles. BTW “Fightstck” is a Madcatz brand whereas “arcade stick” is the general term.

Yeah any Xbox stick works on PC and you computer should immediately start looking for drivers. Should take all of 5 minutes and its automated.

Cant say the same for PS3 sticks since ive never used one

My ps3 SFxT fight stick pro works on pc fine

As someone who’s had a 360 stick… A HORI EX2, I can confirm that it works with the PC. All 360 sticks will work with PC as long as you’re running Windows… As for PS3 sticks, I can’t say. I do know it can be done, I just don’t know how.

The newer MadCatz PS3 sticks work with most PCs. Apparently just not all of them.

Just buy a 360 one to be safe… If you don’t like the multi colored buttons then mod them later.

I have a Hori RAP V3-SA PS3 stick. Works flawlessly both on Windows and Ubuntu.
Without any extra drivers.

Even in case there is a problem, Xpadder comes to the rescue.
too bad it wont be PS4 compatible