fightstick help?

hello i,m buying a fight stick case for £40pound from teck innovations it is just a clear case could any help me by telling where i can purchase the cables and parts to make it my self its going to be used for my ps3 if any could help be i would be grateful.

ps its a TEK-CASE S1-B from teck innovations

I know exaclty what you’re talking about, I’m building one over the summer. If you just want it to be used for PS3 and PC, I’d buy a PS3 Cthulhu from Toodles. They’re about $30. You’ll also need some daisy chain connections and quick disconnects, not to mention buttons and a joystick. what kind of arcade stick will you be building? 8 buttons, 6 button, or hitbox? You can get wires/buttons/joystick from a site called, a cthulhu from toodles’s site and, obviously, a tek-case from Arthong. The whole thing’ll probably cost, eh, $250 at least. Up to 400 at most.

stick modding questions = tech talk

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thank for comment when i finish mt fightstick im going to post a pic on srk :slight_smile:

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You don’t even know what you are doing and you already telling me that I am off topic and you know more and you going to post a “pic” of your stick?
News Flash: No one wants to see a stick from someone who has no clue what they are doing.

stop acting like a pc warrior fucking hell


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