Fightstick: is it worth it?

How many people here have made the transition from a controller to a fightstick? I’m currently playing MvC3 on a standard X360 controller, and I’m wondering if getting a stick will really improve my execution like everyone says it will. I am used to the X360 controller already and I like how you can map multiple inputs to one button, i.e. using LT for L+M for easy hypers. I also don’t really have any problems with the controller’s analog stick, aside from missing diagonal inputs sometimes.

Basically, the only advantages I can immediately see to using a fightstick are more precise directional inputs (so I don’t get Wesker’s sweep when I’m trying to do his gun and shit like that) and easier hypers that have variable effects depending on the buttons (Taskmaster, Skrull). But the disadvantage is that it’s a whole new control scheme to learn, when there are 100 other things I need to learn about MvC3 already.

TL;DR is it worth the learning curve?

You can’t tell until you tried, It varies from person to person.
Xbox360 controller? I’d rather play with a wii


I use a joystick. :tup:

I switched about 2 months ago. I only play every few days, but I already feel more natural with my stick than I ever did with a controller. There’s just certain things I could never do quickly enough on a pad, but can now. For example, I could never get Akuma’s air fireballs out any sooner than the peak of my jump, or later, but now I can do them whenever I feel like it.

I swapped from controller to stick back in '09, since SF4 on 360 pad sucks. For MvC3, I’d at least recommend getting a pad that has decent directional inputs. Probably any good PS2 pad and a Xtokki 360 converter.

yea use a joystick idk how u use a 360 controller they suck imo it will take u a lil while to get used to a stick if you never used 1 before its like riding a bike you need practice and then once you learn you gotta find out what bike works for you :slight_smile: like which u perfer sanwa or semitsu sticks

sticks aren’t hard to get used to. Took me like a week to get a DP down when I was 7 on my local corner store’s SF2:WW machine.

Also, if you don’t want to invest hundreds into a stick, let me know. I’ll sell you my DoA 360stick for $30 shipped.
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I started with the pad, but switched over to the stick. It was a little difficult at first, but I knew it would benefit me in the long run.

After using a stick for months now, I’ll never go back. My precision and execution have improved tremendously over time. I honestly feel like there’s nothing between me and my character when I’m playing now; any mistake I make is mine and mine alone. I actually just won my local MvC3 tournament this past weekend with my stick.

But, of course, that’s my story. It may be different for you. I would suggest borrowing a stick from a friend and see if you can see yourself sticking with it before investing in one yourself.

If you decide you are ready and want to buy one, make sure you get a quality stick; one with real Japanese arcade parts and won’t break after a few months.

I’d suggest either a MadCatz Tournament Edition, Hori VX-SA, or the new, already dual-modded, Quanba stick coming out in a few days. Here are a few links:

Good luck!

sticks are just more fun.

i always thought if i could save the money then i would be happy sticking with a pad.

but having recently bought a TE for £70 i do not regret it for one moment and LOVE IT

Like anything in life, only if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn it.

Yeah. The whole issue with sticks is the home versions need to be anchored somehow, while you can do a flying kick at a cab’s stick and it will not move.

If you use a good pad, you will be OK. But you must learn to use it in a way both left and right directions are fine, which may demand using fingers other than the thumb for the direction thing.

I’ve never had a problem with getting my left/rights to work. In fact, I have a harder time balancing out my left/right DPs on stick (2p is more consistent, but because of newer games not needing precise inputs… well… I’ll leave that to your imagination)

Most people who start learning stick and stay with it that i know, cant stand that shit for about a week. They"ll go back and forth from pad, Second week there muscle memory starts to get very familiar with stick. By the third there mostly In There.

I remember back in the day when I was relearning the stick , I would sit down watch TV and practice my Dragon Punch, and Double QCF’ds, and Etc. for both sides of the screen. Just to make sure I had it locked in my muscle memory.

It’ll take a while for your muscle memory from being use to just using your thumbs & your index finger, to now having to learn to utilize more fingers and your wrist for the stick. (lol thats what she said):wgrin:

I honestly found the button placement harder to get used to than the stick itself at first. My first online match I think I found hard kick and just stuck with it the whole match haha

With 6+ buttons that are the size of quarters, you only found 1? … oh, ok.

Transferring to stick was the easiest thing that i have ever done in my life. I haven’t owned an arcade stick, but i had CTF. I took all of my matches there. It felt more precise, SRKs couldn’t have been easier. I absolutely HATE square gates, i use classic bat tops with no gates (or a circle gate?). Make sure that if you are too used to circle gates on pads, to get a custom made stick with those features.

EDIT: You couldn’t catch on to LMH P top K bottom? That takes like, 5 seconds.

  1. buy arcade stick
  2. become horrible again
  3. practice
  4. become better than you ever were before
  5. ???

I made the transition with Tekken. Albeit, not the most execution based fighter but I find fighting games to be more fluid on a stick than a pad. Finger placement across the stick feels much better than using strictly thumbs. I think it also has an impact on muscle memory and a stick is possibly better for that. I play SF3 from time to time and still have a tough time SA cancelling SRK’s but I still prefer using my hands and fingers rather than just my thumbs. Feels natural.

Don’t let other people talk you into switching to a stick. Using a stick will NOT improve your skill in a game. That comes with practice.

Whether if it will improve your execution is questionable. Are you having execution problems with a pad? If the answer is no, I see no point in spending over $100 for a stick. If the answer if yes, you might end up spending money on a stick and still prefer the pad in the end. If you will have to try and see for yourself if you are having problems with the pad. But don’t let others make the decision for you.

Wolfkrone and Inthul are both amazing pad players who choose to pad over stick, despite having sufficient stick experience.