Fightstick newbie here. Pls I need some answers about customization

Hello bois. I’m new in this forum and im currently searching to buy my first fightstick and I have a few questions about these topics, and I came here since I pretty much can’t find a certain answer.
This is gonna be my fist fightstick and right now im decided to buy a mayflash f300. I’ve seen reviews and shit like that and I think it’s a good start, I’ve tried searching for a few used fightsticks but I have no luck finding them in my region. Now of course I plan on upgrading this fightstick specially to sanwa parts since they’re the ones I’ve seen people mention the most.

Link for the stick:

If you have any suggestion about other fightsticks I’ll take the suggestion nicely, keep in mind my budget is very low tho. Maybe I could wait to buy the f500, maybe not, idk.
My first question is: for the people who own/owned a mayflash, can I use seimitsu buttons too? Or any other brand of buttons?.
I’m also kinda like a bitchy kid so when I saw sticks with led mods, I fell in love with these mods, but I see different mods and Im very confused so I need help with how to start with these. I also saw that you need some kind of pcb for them to work.

Can I mod the mayflash to have the led buttons? Also, I want to keep the compatibility with all the consoles (XONE/X360/PS3/PS4/PC), how can I achieve that? Is it possible?
Does the led mod needs to replace the stock pcb of the stick for another?
Which would you recommend me?
Do I need to buy a specific button with a led already inside or do I put the led inside by myself or what do I need?
I don’t think soldering would be a problem btw. And Im not looking either for something big like programming the colors or so. I just want the led to turn on when I press it and instantly turn off when I stop pressing it. Just planning to use white/red/blue leds. No led on the stick since it’s gonna have a battop.

And im very sure im gonna buy a better fightstick when I have more money. Like a madcatz, they’re pretty and I liked them. Just right now I wan’t to get started.
Sorry for too much text and hope you guys guide me a little bit.

If you can wait and save more money–do so. I say if you need one now, just spring for the F500. In all honesty though, while these sticks can accommodate better Sanwa parts, they are not really made to last IMO.

However, if cross-console compatibility is extremely important, then the Mayflash sticks will suit you well for the time being.

Actually, my main purpose is to use it on my pc for fightcade and emulators and upcoming MvC Infinite. Though in the future I would like to own a ps4 and play KofXIV. But this is just to start into the modding and stuff.

No point in buying a sub par stick if you already plan on buying a Madcatz. The parts in them are not good and you are going to end up replacing them if you want a good experience. All the information you want for sticks is on the forum you just need to search for it.

For buttons translucent buttons are what you want for LED mods. Something like this is perfect

What region are you from? You might be able to find someone on the trading outlet to buy used from.

I haven’t fully checked the forums. And yes, im planning to buy a madcatz but only after I had bought a ps4, and want something cheap to start with. Im not from usa lmao, I live in Mexico (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon). And as I said before, I can’t find a fightstick for a reasonable prize, most of them have half the retail price added, and no luck finding used sticks.

Honestly, if that is the case then just save up for the Madcatz.
You’ll save more money if you can wait a bit.

Ok then, I guess I could save. But what about the led mod?. I don’t know how they work and if they require some soldering, I just want my buttons to light up when I press them.

Rather than create new threads, these type of questions are best asked here:

That being said, if you’re looking for LED mods, your best bet nowadays is a Kaimana Kameleon and associated LEDs, available at ParadiseArcadeShop.

Alternatively, if all you’re looking for is strictly light-up-on-press, you can get by with a Hex inverter or two to control the lighting, but you’ll need to figure out how you’re going to mount LEDs. See my diagram:

Thanks, I guess I’ll go into the thread you posted and ask more stuff if needed.