Fightstick Paint and restrictor gates?


I was just wondering how you guys painted your guys fightsticks perfectly? I’m looking to paint mine black but I’m not sure of what kind of paint I should get.

Also, what type of a restrictor gate do you guys recommend for someone just getting into using fightsticks?




My friend bought some glossy valspar spray paint. Do you think that will work?


Restrictor gate depends on your style. If you like to “ride the gate,” meaning, push against it as hard as possible, you’re going to have trouble with square. But when you get past this, anything else is hard. Try a few. But square is 1000% better to DP and use charge characters on. Round is best for 360/720. Octagonal has it’s advantages with quarter and half circles, but once you get past riding the gate, square is just as good, if not better.


Just stick to square. I wouldn’t say circle is exceptionally helpful for 360 chars, since sometimes you want to end up at a diagonal upward position to complete the motion rather than doing a full 360 (for example), and this is easier on a square. Plus most 360 chars have other motions. DPs easier on a square. DB charging easier on a square. Charge-char supers easier on a square. No char really gets an advantage from using an octagonal gate, and circle is debatable.

I recently modded a square JLF gate to have little triangular cuts on the cardinal directions, to give a tactile feedback on up/down/left/right if I’m on the gate. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever noticed it during play, but I like to pretend it is helping.


I seem to ride the gate quite a lot. So I should an Octagonal one?


Any paint will work if you have an adhesive promoter.


Use clearcoat for everything. If you’re using vinyl dye use duplicolor acrylic LACQUER, not ENAMEL. Enamel will cause your vinyl dye to crack, because it shrinks everything together. It DOES dry harder though, but only recommended for other enamel paints.

For Krylon use Krylon clear or lacquer.

I heard Polyurethane is good as well.