Fightstick Parts


So I want to build a fightstick. This is my first rodeo. I have a list of parts here and I was wondering if they were all compatible. I would also like to know what to solder if there is any soldering involved. How large should I drill the holes on the case? Should I be using pushbuttons or screwbuttons? How would I go about reversing the layout so the stick would be on the right? Do I have the right amount of the right types of cables? Should I build the control panel on the lid or the bottom of the box?



everything seems to be in order


if your spending all that money on parts, why are you using a $9 storage box as a case?


yeah would be a shame to put those parts in to some tupperware…but if all you want is performance, I think you’re good. Then again you could just use that case as a placeholder for now.


I’m using a box because I think cases are expensive. IF you know of any particularly cheap ones, around ~75 dollars, please let me know.


you can pick up last gen sticks and swap out pcb/parts

ive seen TE’s go for less than $50


Check out the trading outlet, theres someone selling wood cases for 35-50$


Buy a tek case from


Worst case scenario, scrounge up your local thrift store For something nice in metal or wood.

Depending on what you get, you might have to reinforce the box with some plywood
Downside is you have to cut and drill though wood or metal.