Fightstick players I need help

I got a SE stick a couple weeks ago and im doing pretty good with it. the problem is 4/10 time i do U1 some else comes out [in a match not training mode]… how long did it take you guys to get U1 consistently and do you have any tips?

Make sure you hit all three buttons at the same time. If you don’t hit them at the same exact time, something else will come out. Also make sure your inputs are correct in training mode

Assuming you’re on a square gate, use the shortcut. I always find it to be easier that way on square gate. Typically, I’m an octo gate (Or preferrably, gateless / circular gate) and I find square extremely hard to use for motions…

The shortcut is…
:d: :df: :d: :df: :f:+:3p:
So you can just bank on the corners.