Fightstick printing

How do you exactly print fightstick coverart?
What kind of paper should I use? How do I apply it onto my fightstick? (I use a TE2 for future reference)

While there is another thread for this topic, I will indulge you. The best paper I have found is bright white 80lb card stock. Ink sticks to the paper well, and prints look fantastic. You can take your artwork file to OfficeMax/Office Depot or a FedEx/Kinko’s and they can print it out for you.

As for applying it to the stick, the TE2 is really simple. Simply open the stick up, look for EIGHT (8) allen screws on the outside edge of the lid…this will allow you to remove the bezel, or frame if you will. You can then remove the balltop and dustwasher from the joystick lever. The plexi should simply come off by picking up the edge, then once you have cut and trimmed your printed artwork, you should be able to simply lay the print over the existing artwork - it should sit over the buttons, like the plexi does, assuming you used MadCatz official TE2 art template (keeps all dimensions and holes sized the same as if it came from the factory). If so, then lay the plexi back over the art, re-install the dustwasher and balltop, then you can reattach the bezel. No need to remove the buttons using this method

If you used TE2 template, the button holes are smaller, therefore the buttons will need to be removed BEFORE placing the artwork.*** Once the buttons are removed, you place the artwork over the existing, then re-install the buttons, then plexi, then the dustwasher and balltop, then screw the bezel back on. Please take note that the clear plastics rings on the buttons MUST stay on the buttons if you use the factory plexi - they help keep the buttons at the proper height. If at any point you wish to use a different plexi (custom etched, different color, etc…), make sure that you do one of 2 things, 1) keep the factory button hole size, aka Madcatz-sized, with which you WILL use the buttons spacers, or 2) use non factory sized holes (aka, smaller holes which should allow you to NOT use the spacers, as the buttons will sit ON TOP of the artwork and plexi)

when removing the buttons, you will need to disconnect the wires, obviously, but by now you should have noticed the color coded diagram label inside the case, which tells you the order and color of which wire gets plugged in where

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.