Fightstick Pro Help!


Is it normal on this stick to hear a slight pop on the joystick after slightly moving it (even before the microswitch becomes audible)? do all sanwa joysticks do this???


No, open up your stick and see what’s causing it. Can you just hear the pop or can you also feel it when you move the joystick? In any direction?


I can feel it too. I don’t want to open it up because I just bought it from the madcatz store. Should I return it?


If it’s not affecting gameplay I wouldn’t worry, might just be a tight spring or something. I’ll wait for someone else to chime in who actually owns this stick though. Unless warranties are involved don’t worry about opening up a stick, it’s really just a piece of plastic with cords taped to it, it would be hard to break it if you just use your eyes.


It might be the secondary dust cover getting stuck you can check by lifting and holding the top dustcover and looking while moving the stick to see if the secondary one is out of place