Fightstick pro top metal panel removable?


Looking at videos on youtube everyone is opening the bottom with lots of screws to unscrew. The top panel sticker is covering 6 screws, if you remove that sticker would you be able to just pop off the top like the older TE round 1/2 sticks?


Yep, with my Fightstick Pro I never touched the bottom, I peeled the 4 sides then top and bottom middle to gain access to the screws, unscrewed the screws then the top metal plate comes right off then unplug the wires(after you mark down what color is what button) and unplug the joystick harness.


that sounds like it’ll damage the sticker pretty quickly. wouldn’t it cause the corners to be prune to peeling off easily in the future? I was gonna get me a custom artwork to stick on leaving the screw holes open o.o Thanks for confirming this works, makes things much easier.


If you’re getting a custom plexi and art then you remove current artwork on the metal panel.