Fightstick Problem! PLEASE HELP!

I just bought my SF4 Round 2 Tournament Edition Fightstick and played it for one day so far. Now there’s a squeaking sound coming from the joystick when I move it towards the left. I’ve seen people say that it can tear the pcb or something and after spending $150, it’s worrying me.

  1. Is this a bad thing?
  2. Some people said that it goes away. Does it?
  3. Mod it or return to madcatz? I’m a chump when it comes to modding, have no idea.

As much help as possible would be nice, thanks!!!

Ah! I didn’t see and read the rules section thing yet! Sorry!! Can anyone still help?

No, a squeaking sound will not kill your pcb. Most likely the sound is from the microswitches. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.

Most likely their is nothing serious with a little squeaking. And I would doubt that noise will kill the PCB.

That squeaking sound you’re referring to isn’t squeaking, its scratching. What you’re hearing is normal squeaking. Don’t worry about it. The only problem is if you’re using an SE, which does have that problem you speak of. The circular metal ring is actually scratching out the PCB in an SE. This does not happen with a TE since it uses sanwa parts and a JLF rather than in house madcatz parts.

In short, don’t worry about it.

Thanks a lot guys! Really, googling forever, but I couldn’t find anything! Thanks again!