FightStick problem


I got a Hori Fightstick 3 recently and anytime i use it the ball gets loose especially in the middle of a match. I am trying to get used to an arcade stick but the ball keeps on spinning out of place when I do a simple qcf motion. Any solutions on the problem???


Open the stick up from the buttom, get a flat edge screwdriver and put it in the slot on the bottom of the joystick shaft. Hold the screwdriver in place firmly while you screw the balltop in tightly all the way.


Also, if you dont want toopen it up when you need to tighten the ball. You can use pliers to hold the shaft, best to use a thick cloth or paper napkins to protect the shaft from scrapes, and turn the ball clockwise very tight.


Trying to modify my arcade joystick . i connected the “x” and “y” button and they are ok and show up on the game. but the “a” and “b” button are not activated. “a” only works on the menu screen. HEEEEEELLLPPPP!!!