Fightstick plz?


i’ve had a te fight stick for a few weeks now and it works pretty well but the one thing about it is while im playing from time to time it will disconnect and reconnect on its own i have no idea why.and the time in between these disconnections vary alot, i just wanted to see if some one could probably help me figure out whats wrong with it so i could get it fixed


Please don’t spam threads.

Now as for the stick, we need more details. For example, which exact model of TE and what console is it for?


sorry i’m new to this.

i have the round 1 te for the xbox360


Hmm, it’s a known issue, try sending a PM to the MadCatz folk in the board, MarkMan or his lackey, userSDK


so i think i figured something out. the fightstick dosent disconnect if i leave it alown but lets say i spin the joystick around a couple of times real fast it disconnects. i hope someone can tell me why this is.


also i pm’d that guy and ive yet to get a reply


this is the exact same problem i have now dose any one know what it is that is the problem some people in the comments said it was something about the pcb breing cheap wat should i do


Early TE sticks have common PCB problems(Round 1 and MvC2, I would assume to be the earliest models), personally I have two friends with Round 1 TE sticks that have the faulty PCB where Roundhouse/HK/RT/R2 does not register. While they can simply reassign the button, the problem with your stick might require a PCB replacement unless somebody knows what the exact problem is and if it’s fixable…


well i guess ill look into getin my pcb replaced at vgny