Fightstick problems

So I just built a new PC with my uncle this afternoon (a nice Christmas gift) and I’m trying to get my Xbox One fightstick to work on it.
It worked fine on my previous PC, I downloaded the Microsoft driver and everything and it worked WONDERS on the old PC; but this time around it isn’t working.
I downloaded all the necessary updates on my new PC (which Microsoft said the driver for Xbox One controllers is added on to the necessary updates) and it STILL isn’t working.
I troubleshooted the driver and it said it wasn’t compatible with the PC for some reason. I uninstalled and deleted the driver and tried again simply, troubleshooting the stick; it downloads the driver but it says it isn’t compatible.
I have
** NO IDEA*** what to do at this point, any help?

Im assuming youre on Win 10.

Please use the sticky threads next time.

@SHSL_Street_Fighter Oh, forgot to mention! Not Windows 10, Windows 7

Don’t really know what to tell you then. I haven’t used a Windows 7 computer in ages, sorry

Did you try it in any other USB ports(I heard USB 2.0 has better compatibility with sticks not sure if it’s true though)

Its not that 2.0 ports has better compatibility, its that USB 3.0 ports will not work with 1.1 devices.
Alot of sticks are USB 1.1 and not 2.0

Nero, Go download, extract and install Direct X9.0c, it have files that allows for certain game related drivers to work.

It will not overwrite Direct X 12 on your PC, instead it will add files that for some reason Direct X 12 is lacking and should of had from the start.

I got my problem resolved, thanks to the people who took the time and effort to help out.
It turned out I didn’t fully have my PC up-to-date, but now everything is good!