fightstick question

looked around couldn’t find a solution to the issue so i have a question.

i have the new Madcatz SFV TES+ fightstick ps3/ps4

i hear that ps3 ps4 sticks work on pc

i run windows 7. plugged ti in and it all seems to work fine in windows (win game controllers testing) but it doesn’t work in SFV or anything else.

can anyone confirm if this stick would work if i upgraded to windows 10?

Genuine question: why would you post this new thread before reading the stickies?

Street Fighter V PC does not currently support d-input arcade sticks, which is pretty much every PS3 / 4 stick out there. Capcom has said they would like to patch this in at a later date. Try using a program called X360CE. It emulates an x-input controller, which will make your stick work on SFV. There are instructions on how to set it up and where to place the files for SFV else where on the forum.

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;o will do :slight_smile: and thanks :slight_smile: