Fightstick Question

So I’m sure this question has been asked too many times but I’m new to the site so pre apologizing if this is somewhere else:

I currently have the Madcatz SFIV Fightstick for the Xbox. I like it fine but I just cannot seem to get consistent rotations down on the joystick itself. The button format isn’t an issue so my question is: Is there a difference in the smoothness or consistency of joystick rotations between the Madcatz and the Tournament edition (the one that runs like 150-200 bucks)? Or, do I just need to keep practicing? If there is a signifcant difference in performance between the two can you guys please elaborate on that as well?

Thanks and hope to get some feedback!

Practice. It’s all about the practice. Sit in training mode and turn on input display and just practice your moves. I’ve had my stick for 2 weeks and I’m still having problems getting moves down on my TE. It takes alot of getting used to. Just like playing a FPS game on keyboard and mouse (my specialty). At first it feels awkward, but over time you get very very fluent and precise. Just keep working at it. Playing with friends all the time helps. You are learning so it’s okay to lose, while you are at it keep in mind that you are practicing your stick at the same time. Cause I do know how boring it is to sit in training mode. I’m dual modding my TE stick to play SCIV and T6 with my friends so I can get the feel for execution overall on my stick. Lol its 4AM and I’m rambling sorry.

Ok thanks dude, that’s what I figured… For anyone who has used both series of sticks is there a difference?

It also took me a while to get the execution down, especially for quarter circles. It really does help to turn inputs on in training mode to see what you are doing wrong. If after a while you still can’t get it, might I suggest swapping out the square joystick gate for an octagon one.

I have a SE 360(refurbished) and TE Rd. 2 PS3. I had the SE first and got execution movement wise down after 3-4months. I bought the TE stick for tournaments. And I dropped the JLF(TE stick) into my SE and immediately could tell a different. I Just sat in training mode for 3 hours trying to do QFC over SRKs. So yes there is a noticeable difference IMO. But once you get use to the JLF its like butter. Now I only put the JLF in the TE when I go out. (until I get that bitch dual moded)

(also I find the dashing of the FADC-ing easier on the JLF)

Are you asking whether the TE is better than the SE? Well, yes. One uses real arcade parts (Sanwa) and one doesn’t. Sanwa are higher in general quality, feel, and response than the stock parts in the SE. There is no question that the TE is of a higher build quality. You get what you pay for, after all.

Is that your problem though? Maybe, maybe not. It might be a general problem of execution that switching to a stick made of sex and awesome alone won’t fix.

It’s hard to say.

It’s worth checking the stickies in tech talk for guides how to mod your stick with real arcade parts, and it’s worth checking this for tips on how to improve your execution:

I got a question too, how do you fix a loose joystick? when i move the joystick, its move to freely.

Probably best to ask in teck talk. Short answer, if it’s new, it’s supposed to be like that. But you’re welcome to be ghetto and add home depot springs.

I would be careful about this, because while octo gates can certainly make QCF motions seem easier, it really feels awkward to me for certain charge motions (say, d/b to u/b). It’s all personal preference, of course, but each gate type has advantages and disadvantages.

I despise my SE, the buttons pick and choose when to be and not to be responsive. Very frustrating when playing and I have mash the button multiple times for it to execute, I’d say save up the difference and get the TE. The joystick itself has been fairly responsive but I don’t fully trust it either. What the above posters said is true, go to training and turn inputs on. If you want to take the game seriously and not just casual, go with the better quality.

Im seriously considered buying an SE even though I already have a TE. When you mod it, its one bad ass little stick, seriously.

I did this as soon as I bought my stick, in fact, I ordered the octo well beforehand. It made all the difference in the world.