Fightstick Question

Hello ive just joined the forum and street fighter in general,Iam acctually really enjoying the game, however iam still getting to grips with how the game works, iam practiceing agasint the ai at the moment ( i do intend to start playing online when super comes out) and doe iam having some successes iam still not that great at the game.

However to the question, after reading some other forums ive seen a number of people who say that useing a fight stick is alot better than just useing the normal xbox control, so iam kind of wondering if that is true and if i should invest in one.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Buy one! Buy one now and never look back!

Read this:

Also, you should call them arcade sticks, not fightsticks, since they are used for more than just fighting games.

When I think of fightsticks I think of [media=youtube]Ftb3c8U_5Gs"[/media].

lol sorry, thanks for the link

This is the advice I would give. I have never once regretted buying my stick.

The most important thing is, when it comes to a fight stick, suck up your pride and practice with it both in practice and online if you got no one in real life to play with. You might lose… a lot in the beginning, but the better you get with it, you’ll find out “Hey, I couldn’t pull off half this shit with a controller”

Mind you, there are a few AMAZING players out there who use controllers, but I find once you learn the fundamentals of proper execution with the joystick, the learning curve isn’t as steep in trying to do things like advanced combos, mixups, footsies, as compared to the controller. Trying to do some of that on a controller without having a whack layout (I know one person that has a different button layout for each character he plays) is almost impossible.

Yeah thats sound advice really, sf4 is one of those games id really like to be good at so i think i might get a arcade stick after all, hopefully when super comes out ill see you all online and hopefully give you some challenge.

Thanks alot for all your help