Fightstick TE 8 way gate?

I hate the joystick on this TE I bought recently, I got the thing second hand, I’m not sure if its damaged but I’m not gelling with it.

Then i realised that every joystick I have ever played with has been in europe/USA where I belive they use an 8 way gate, as opposed to the SQUARE 4 way gates that are being used.


Is there an official 8 way sanwas replacement, and will it fit straight in without any further mods?

I tried gremlinsolutions in the Uk, but not had an answer in over a week, so any idea where I can get one and will it just go straight in with no messing around.

Thanks. I did look, but these forums are very cluttered.

Sanwa GT-Y Octogonal Restrictor Plate.


But I want to replace the joystick to to ensure all the microswitches are AS NEW.

Is there an all in one thing they do, or will ordering a direct repalcement joystick and simply putting in that 8 way gate be fine?

In other words do they sell an all in one 8 way gate and joystick?

The Restrictor Gate in your Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick? Tournament Edition already is 8-Way.
How else be able to play SFIV?

this question has been asked a million times, SEARCH!!!

also the octagonal gate ain’t gonna help you. get used to the square gate or get an american stick

also you can buy a new PCB instead of a whole new stick, believe me man, joystick repair adds up after awhile

8-way gates can be installed in any JLF. They are NOT standard parts for the stick, though. All JLFs ship with square gates. The square gates pop off easily once you push in their tabs and you can just put the 8-way gate on after taking off the square gate.

I’d seriously hold onto the square gate in case you want to try to use it again OR rotate the square gate to four-way restrictor in case you want to play old arcade games like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong with your stick.

You don’t have to replace the entire JLF, either, if you think the microswitches are bad. You can either buy replacement microswitches IF only 1 or 2 are bad (assuming you can use a soldering iron to swap the old for the new parts), OR buy a replacement PCB board for the JLF with the microswitches already soldered in. Either option is cheaper than buying a new JLF.

Some of the online vendors that sell JLF’s also sell replacement components. Lizard Lick stocks these for sure but it’s a one-month wait for filling orders. Gremlin Solutions in the UK MIGHT have these parts, too. Most other places I’m fairly certain will not have replacement components and you’d have to buy a new JLF from them…

Square Restrictor Gate is already 8-Way.
The Sanwa one can switch to 4-Way also.

Of course it will help, every arcade in the UK as far as I know has used an 8 way gate, so all of a sudden I’m having to play jap style and its a culture shock, especially after using a pad for so long. Using an 8 way gate will at least make sense given the 100’s of hours I played in Killer Insitct/MK/SF and every other beat em which have all used an 8 way gate.

Money isn’t really problem where Street Fighter is concerned:/
I just want it to work so I can enjoy a few games. ATM I am struggling to do ryu’s super when I want, that is how pathetic it is.

THIS is what I am looking for…

I have just opened up the STICK and it does not have that.
Yes the stick moves in 8 directions, but there are only 4 corners to the mould/gate, so there is too much room for error to what I’m used to.
the result is I can hardly do ryu’s super and my reversal high/low blocks are a disaster. In short I play at a fraction of my true potential.

Maybe I have been spoiled or ruined, but its hard enough learning to use a stick again WITHOUT having to get used to an entire new joystick gate.
I don’t have the time I did when I was a kid. I have like 4-5 hours a week tops for this game. So I need as many simularities as possible.

Thanks GeorgeC

No problem.

I use 8-way gates in my JLF’s, too.

I find it easier to do the super moves in SFIV with the 8-way gate. A lot of the older players swear by the square gate but THIS older player doesn’t care much for the square gate! I’ve found I get moves out more consistently with the octa-gate.

(My Hori Seimitsu stick has a square gate standard but I have no plans on buying the circular gate for that one since it’s more of a “curiosity” collector’s stick for me. Still prefer the JLF to the Seimitsu although I’m comfortable enough with the Seimitsu to use it in a pinch.)

Once you’ve played with the 8-way gate, it gets easier to go back and use square gate.

I frankly think it’s a pain to switch the gates back and forth since it means opening up the faceplate and potentially scratching the stick base unless you remove the Scotch tape holding down the wiring and disconnect the JLF harness, too.

The only reason I’d re-install the square gate is to play older games. Even then, it’d be for games like Pac-Man that benefit from the setting the square gate to 4-way play.

That’s basically the only hardware advantage square gates have over octagonal gates. You can set a square gate for 8-way (default; that’s the way it’s set in all JLF’s) or rotate the square gate to 4-way position. 4-way is obviously useful for older games emulated on a PC or Mac… Trying to play Pac-Man or Donkey Kong with an eight-way stick is a pain!

EVERYONE uses 8-Way Restrictor Gate for Fighting Games.
It is impossible to play with 4-Way.

You’ll only be able to Jump, Crouch, Forward and Back.
You’ll only be able to do Charge Moves like Flash Kick and Sonic Boom.
Can’t even Block Low.
Can’t Shoryuken.
Can’t Hadoken.

Square and Octagonal are both 8-Way.
4-Way does not mean Square, but a Square can be 4-Way.

Pro and Con of 2-Way, 4-Way and 8-Way?

2-Way only moves LEFT and RIGHT, or UP and DOWN.
Games like Space Invaders, Galaga and Galaxian use control only moving left and right.

Games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger; going up and left and right and down.

8-Way moves both ways of a 4-Way, so eight directions.
Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Metal Slug, some Shmups, Street Fighter; 8-Way.

I don’t really know how to Pro/Con between 2-4-8-Way.
They are so different to each other.

Something else to say.
A lot of people confuse and get wrong about Square and Octagonal Restrictors.

Square has four sides, and Octagon has eight sides.
So Square would be 4-Way, and Octagon would be 8-Way, right?

The Sanwa JLF comes stock with Square Restrictor.
The Square is an 8-Way, so is the Octagonal Restrictor.

But the Square can also be turned into a 4-Way.
This goes only UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.

If look close at the stock Restrictor, you will see that it is made of two parts.
Outer Ring clips onto the Joystick, inner is the actual restricting part.

Rotating the Inner Ring clockwise will turn the 8-Way into 4-Way.

Do it by pushing the Inner Ring with pegs facing towards you, then turn.

He just didn’t word his question properly, but its obvious he wanted to know more about the octo-gate. Though he should’ve used the search, all you need to type in search is Sanwa Octo or better yet look at the stickies on the top of the page.

If I were you Jamerio I would just replace the PCB and buy an octo-gate (even though I think the octo-gate sucks). Both the PCB and the octo-gate can be purchased at

But I’m going to have to agree with post #8. The octo-gate is not that great to use because its hard to block on reaction with them since its easy to mis-align shaft with the :db: & :df: corners. I too wasn’t used to the Japanese style square-gate joysticks, so I purchased a Sanwa octo-gate for my TE hoping to improve my execution. I soon realized after trying it in some matches and reading other people’s reviews on the octo-gate that it was inferior to the square-gate.

Although the octo-gate DID help me with my :hcf: movements ALOT. It helped me get the feel for the microswitches and after using the octo-gate for a week or two my execution became more fluid when I switched back to the square-gate.

The thing that messed me up the most on the octo-gate was the extended throw range, it messed up my dashing (was hard to notice but it did mess up my dashing forward and backward) also I find it 1000% easier to do :dp: movements on the square-gate.

On top of that, I even changed my main character from a shoto(Akuma) to a charge character (Bison) and I love it now.